Florida residential markets have increased by 69% in the past five years. The state’s extensive coastline attracts both home and business owners.

It also has many institutions that attract a large population of young adults. Therefore, Florida real estate trends keep changing to satisfy the diverse population.

Some real estate professionals feel like there is an imbalance in supply and demand. Potent investors are looking to build luxury homes and hotels. Thus, they have created a surge in prices, especially in the urban areas.

To keep up with all these changes, you must have the most recent information. Some trends have more impact on the Florida residential markets than others.

Here are five of the most influential real estate trends for Florida.

1. Homeowners Relocating to Suburban Areas

The quarantine period made people re-evaluate the way they live at home. Remote work has made most homeowners change their priorities. Now, buyers want more spacious rooms, a study, and an open kitchen.

Smart buyers are looking for houses with functional and eco-friendly features like solar panels. You can look into the solar panel cost estimate to help plan installation.

To buy more comfortable homes at affordable prices, homeowners are moving to suburban areas. Real estate professionals are investing in undervalued land in these growing areas.

2. Drop in Commercial Real Estate

Despite the Florida residential markets flourishing, the commercial sector doesn’t reflect the same. Office retail spaces are making the slowest recovery from the pandemic.

Companies have managed to stay in business with the help of remote workers. Thus, they don’t find the need for huge office spaces anymore.

Real estate professionals advise against investing in commercial properties at the moment. However, smart investors are converting them to storage spaces or more desirable properties.

3. The Mass Move to Affordable States

The pandemic made many people re-evaluate their finances. To stretch their savings, most homeowners had to change their lifestyles. As a result, there has been a mass move to cheaper states since the pandemic started.

Florida has favorable tax laws and a more affordable lifestyle than most states. More people have been moving to the south coast.

4. The Steady High Demand

If you want to invest in Florida residential markets, don’t spend another second contemplating. The demand for southern space is not about to go down anytime soon.

Besides, millennials are scavenging for their first homes, which accelerates the demand. You can count on this emerging trend to hold for the longest time.

5. Housing Prices Will Rise With Lower Rates Than Last Year

Real estate professionals admit that last year witnessed a spike in prices. They confirm that the prices will continue to increase due to the high demand.

However, the increase rate will be much lower than last year. Some real estate investors were sceptical that homeowners couldn’t afford the rent. Yet, high-end buyers from other states are ready to purchase.

Florida Real Estate Trends

If you have always wanted to invest in the Florida residential markets, this is the time. Emerging Florida real estate trends promise nothing but growth for the shareholders.

Despite the prices going up, the returns are much higher than before. If you had fun learning from this piece, check out more articles on the site.