Top 7 Luxury Car Models That Won’t Break The Bank

Top 7 Luxury Car Models That Won’t Break The Bank

A luxury car is the ultimate experience when travelling by car anywhere. Only the luxury models combine supreme comfort with style, performance and every possible electronic gadget. Most people think that cars from a luxury car manufacturer will be beyond their budget, but there are many options which are surprisingly affordable.


Most people will have heard of the M3, BMW’s high-performance sedan car. However, the BMW M4 is a two-door version of this stunning car. It takes the same performance and power package and puts it in a smaller two-door coupe or cabriolet. A 3.0 liter straight-six engine with 425 horsepower will launch you from zero to sixty in under four seconds. Luxury and power. Of course, it is possible to purchase a BMW coupe with M series styling and a little less performance for a lower purchase price.


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