Rice is one of the most consumed food around the world, and it is known to have been cultivated for over 5,000 years. It has become the staple food with over 7000 varieties. However, many people usually have one particular type of rice dish, and they don’t even know how to cook it in variation. Asian countries produce almost 90% of the world’s rice, and Asians eat 300 pounds of rice per person in one year. Americans annually eat more rice than Asians. However, many people don’t know cooking rice by following a variety of dishes. This globetrotting grain goes from wholesome to rich, and sweet to savoury with different shades and sizes. Let’s have a look at some of the famous rice dishes from around the world.

1. Chicken Pumpkin Tagine with Almond Pilaf

Chicken pumpkin tagine is one of the delicious recipes, and people all over the world love to enjoy this dish with different seasonings. If you want to enjoy Moroccan-style pilaf, you can serve it with steamed rice. The recipe contains chicken stock to imbue grains with richness, coriander and garlic leave to add a touch of zing. Moreover, you can sprinkle toasted almonds to give pilaf a new flavour with marinated chicken. The aromatic and mild flavour will enhance the taste of the dish. You can use filling piles of rice with nourishing veggies and enticing crunch.

Chicken Pumpkin Tagine with Almond Pilaf

2. Persian Steamed Saffron Rice

Persian steamed rice is generally made by using basmati rice. The rice holds better shape during the steaming process which results in fluffy steamed long grains. This rich crusted rice can be served as a Persian banquet. The grains are soaked in water for up to two hours before mixing with saffron threads and natural yoghurt. You can also scatter chello with berries and pomegranate as a decorative centrepiece. The sweet floral taste of saffron will give this rice dish a complex and nuanced flavour.

Persian Steamed Saffron Rice

3. Black Sticky Rice Creams

Black sticky rice creams are naturally dark and sweet rice that’s shades purple rather than black. It has loads of antioxidants and fibre to make baked rice extra enjoyable to eat. You can cook this recipe on your stovetop, in a rice cooker, or slow cooker. When you eat it in a combination with rice milk, you will enjoy a unique taste. So the dessert is delicious, and you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. Usually, sticky rice is adored across Vietnam where it is sweetened, boiled, and turned into pudding. The blackish grains develop delightful bite upon cooking. You can serve the creamy version of this dish with shavings of coconut and sugar.

Black Sticky Rice Creams

4. Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a dish of cooked rice with eggs that have been stir-fried in a frying pan. It is usually mixed with several ingredients such as eggs, seafood, meat, or vegetables. People love to eat it as an accompaniment to another dish. Egg fried rice is a popular component of south and East Asian cuisines, and you have to learn how to make egg fried rice | minute® rice by following any delicious recipe. It is a staple national dish of Malaysia and Indonesia. Moreover, egg fried rice was first cooked in China, and all types of fried rice dishes trace their origin to Chinese fried rice. The recipe was given by the mother of Jacob Leung who adds fried garlic, curry leaves, and kecap Manis for a Malay touch.

Persian Steamed Saffron RiceEgg Fried Rice

5. Jollof Rice

It is one of the best rice dishes from West Africa. The Jollof rice is typically made with long grain rice, onions, tomatoes, vegetables, spices, and meat in a single pot. The ingredients and preparation methods vary in different regions, and you can compare it with Spain’s paella. The dish is jazzed up with African sauces featuring fish fillet, vegetables, and parboiled grain rice.

Jollof Rice

6. Baked Lamb and Rice with Yoghurt

In northern Greece, different kinds of meats are cooked in sauces based on local and strained sheep’s milk yoghurt. This dish comes from the traditional cooking of Vlachs which is also called vlachiko. You can modify the recipe with lamb meat and olive oil while browning the vegetables and meat. It carried a Mediterranean taste, and you can use seasoning of oregano-spiked rice, and cheese like yoghurt crust.

Baked Lamb and Rice with Yoghurt

7. Healthy Sweet Congee

Congee is one of the nutritious food and it is the famous breakfast in China. You can serve it with a steamed bun or any vegetable dish. However, having plain congee for many days could be boring. In such cases, you can create healthy sweet congee to make your post-meal snack or breakfast more nutritious. There are more than 28 recipes of this dish, and it is ideal for non-meat-eating people. You can enjoy this dish in a cold or warm phase. Harnessing the goodness of fungus, ginkgo nuts, and goji berries, it’s ideal to boost vitality and health.

Healthy Sweet Congee

8. Mixed Rice

Mixed rice is a dish that contains rice and foods like beans, vegetables, and meats. The combination of ingredients is ideal to make your meal delicious, and it is a part of the cuisine of different cultures worldwide. Mixed rice is often made of cold rice, and vinegar dressing. The dish is usually served in a hotpot, and it contains several ingredients according to the region. The rice can be boiled in water, baked in the oven, or steamed over boiling water depending upon the recipe.

Mixed Rice

Final Talk

Rice is a nutrient-rich food that helps to keep the body healthy. It is a good source of carbohydrates that provide energy for exercise and necessary fuel for the brain. Moreover, it is a source of a balanced diet and the important thing is it is gluten-free. You can create a range of dishes depending upon your culture and choice.