Tote Bags – The History Of The Tote

Tote Bags – The History Of The Tote

Just like shoes, a woman can never have enough bags! Bags are some of the most beautiful, attractive, and useful parts of a woman’s wardrobe. A tote bag serves such a convenient role in shopping. One can match a tote bag with one’s outfit. Not only are tote bags fun, but they are so varied, as well.  These bags are usually sturdier than a normal handbag, and able to hold several items.

It is far better to have one of these types of bags than a lot of small purchases, which one can easily drop or lose. These bags make mall shopping a breeze. However, you will be amazed at the history of these bags. They really do have a life of their own!

The History of Tote Bags: Mankind’s Answer to Fun Shopping!

Well, the word tote merely means to carry items. Tote bags go back quite ways in modern history. They first appeared on the scene in the nineteenth century. In 1886, these bags were used as promotional items to bring customers into a shoe store known as Cantwell’s Shoes in Ohio. The advertisement on this bag was not only effective but genius! The advertisement plan worked. The original tote is on display at a museum in Coshocton, Ohio! Another continued leap of the totes’ popularity was in 1940.

The famous company, L.L. Bean created a tote that enabled people to carry ice and wood while shopping for family needs. The L.L. Bean totes were strong and made of canvas. Actually, these totes were the beginning of fashionable totes, as well. The handles were strong. Finally, in 1980 many book-stores caught on to the advertising benefits of a book tote. It became so popular, it infiltrated into all sectors of shopping. Additionally, in 1996 IKEA came out with a huge tote that was made of plastic and could be used to fill the bag with home design purchases while shopping at their store.

Everyone knows how thin regular plastic bags are. Sometimes, plastic bags rip before you even get out of the store! When you have a tote, you feel assured your purchase will not fall through the bag. Lastly, manufacturers have now been making totes out of polypropylene material. It is smooth, comfortable, and efficient. Also, companies can advertise their logos on this material. The printing comes out excellent. Also, the bags look good and are inexpensive! Another plus is the totes are very lightweight. Totes make shopping fun! They are not cumbersome.

Prada black saffiano shopping bag

Prada black saffiano shopping bag – @doublef

Tote Bags On Sale In Stores Are Eclectic!

If you are at a mall, don’t fret if you need a decent tote. You will find an assortment of tote bags on sale. Some will be colourful, others with names of places, some with unusual designs, and some designed to hold a good deal of weight.
Are you going to the beach this week? Yes, you can find a delightful bag to match your vacation day, with seaside artwork. Malls usually have a tremendous amount of bags for all occasions and in several specialty and department stores. Department stores sell these types of bags in bulk, and one can pick up a bargain when they are on a sale. It is not uncommon for a shopper to match shoes with their tote bags. They have become quite a fashion statement. Moreover, bring your tote to the library! Your tote will keep your library books in good condition, and help you bring them on vacation, or on the airplane to read.

Design Your Own Tote Bag?

Have you ever thought of designing your own bag? Yes, some people have famous quotes put on these bags. Some have photos of their favorite animal or pictures of family members on these bags. Since they are often made of canvas, they can be easily washed.
However, if your tote is unique, it is recommended for hand-washing! Let it dry out in a flat formation.

What To Do With All Your Tote Bags?

Over time, one can accumulate an enormous collection of these bags. Some are given freely at a grand opening, some purchased while shopping, and others are a promotional gift. The truth is- if you have too many, donate them to a local charity.
They are the most important item on a shopper’s checklist. Give them away, rather than let them sit for years. Be a blessing to others.

So You Want a Designer Tote?

Check out classy department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue! Their designer totes are truly a fashion statement. Their designer totes can range in price from approximately $40 to over $1,000! They are gorgeous! These totes become part of your synchronized wardrobe! You can find designer totes carried by Saks Fifth Avenue. It is fascinating to learn how the quality of totes has come up to snuff! Once the canvas bag took off, it transformed into leather totes with magnetic closures. Some designer totes have separate pouches inserted for your valuables when shopping. The handles are secured, for a heavier package. Also, some of the leather totes are made in Italy. Everyone loves Italian leather goods! When we say, hats off- should we say totes up! Peace out, enjoy your tote, and happy shopping, America! Protection Status

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