Treating Yourself This Holiday Season

Treating Yourself This Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is always a stressful one: choosing the perfect gift for that special someone, colleagues and business contacts, and your family usually takes more time than the actual act of buying and wrapping the gifts themselves. However, amongst all the work that we put into gifts for others, we often forget one prime recipient: ourselves. Although we were always taught to put others first during the holidays, the end of the year is also the perfect time to celebrate all of our personal accomplishments in the past year and give ourselves a pat on the back. No idea what to treat yourself to this year? Here are a few ideas.



The past few years have seen smartwatches and fitness wearable devices on the rise, and with good reason. However, the drawback of this trend is that many men have started to set aside their traditional watches in favor of digital options, and are therefore missing out on the plethora of suave new styles available. Although in the past, high-end watches were equated with flashy – and let’s face it, sometimes gaudy Rolexes and Breitlings, today’s modern watches are much more toned-down and minimalist. Check out the offerings from a brand like Mondaine– their sleek, modern styles are sure to turn heads, and there’s something about the timelessness of a classic wristwatch that is sure to impress.



Any busy man-on-the-go knows how important a good pair of headphones are, whether it’s to help pump you up on your evening run or pass travel time on the way to an important business meeting. If your headphones are in need of a serious upgrade, go ahead and splurge a bit this year to get something that you truly deserve. Are you a huge techie always trying to get your hands on the latest gadgets? Then why not pick up a pair of AirPods to go along with your new iPhone? (If you didn’t snag them immediately after release, of course.) If you’re more of a music snob, check out the over-ear offerings from brands like Sennheiser or Bose – they might not be as stylish as your current pair of Beats, but their sound quality more than compensates for that.



If you don’t have a drone of your own yet, chances are that a few of your friends do, or you’ve at least been around some to know just how fun they can be. Although you might have thought you outgrew toys years ago, drones are a grown-up, sophisticated way of reliving our childhood fun. Whether you want to use their on-board cameras to scope out the neighborhood, or embrace your inner daredevil with some daring flight maneuvers, a drone is sure to satisfy. For those of you who have been considering a drone, but have been putting it off because of their pricy side, now is your chance with all the great recommendations from these drone reviews.

There are plenty of deals on drones available from retailers ensuring that you’ll be able to find the drone of your dreams.



If you’re already all caught up on tech and fashion, why not step up your barware this holiday season? A lot of us men out there are probably still drinking out of whatever cups and glasses we inherited from our college apartments, but a set of proper glassware is sure to help you feel like the successful man that you are. Not looking to replace your whole kitchen in one go? To start, simply choose your favourite libation and pick up some appropriate corresponding glasses – a few styles of beer glasses to ensure you can properly serve your brew for the night, some snifters for brandy or port, or tumbler glasses if you’re a mixed-drinks kind of guy. Those That Drink has a great selection.



Beards might be having their time in the spotlight right now, but they’re not for everyone. Whether you rock a smooth face because of personal preference or a work requirement, you know how important it is to take care of your skin while you shave. So if you’re still using your drugstore razors and shaving cream, why not treat yourself by stepping it up a notch and finding a luxury shaving kit? If you prefer not to buy a full kit, you can still upgrade your morning shave with a shaving brush or pre-shave oil. A luxurious shaving oil serves to soften your facial hair to prevent tugging or irritation while shaving, while a shaving brush helps your shaving cream lather properly while also exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs. No matter what you choose, your skin will thank you and will look better than ever before. Protection Status

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