tshirtOS – The World’s First Programmable T-Shirt

tshirtOS – The World’s First Programmable T-Shirt

Image Credit: CuteCircuit


Everybody loves wearing T-shirts especially when it is hot outside. However the T-Shirts out there are so static. What if you could change the image or message instantly. Well that may come sooner then you think. A company called Ballantine’s has a new idea what it calls “T-Shirt OS.”

The concept is a T-shirt with an ultrathin LED screen that is connected to the Internet (via your smartphone). It can display various information like your tweets, your Intstagram feed and even take photos.

Would you wear such a T-shirt and if so what would you display on it? Leave your comments below in the comment area.




Image Credit: CuteCircuit 


Image Credit: CuteCircuit 


Image Credit: CuteCircuit 


Leather Jacket with 5000 leds on U2 Tour. Credit: Bruce Moore Photographer

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