Two Great Gifts for the Fashion Conscious Male

Two Great Gifts for the Fashion Conscious Male

Having a male in your life who is fashion conscious can make that person very difficult to shop for any time of the year. No doubt the person is picky will judge any gift you provide. When you are buying him a gift, you need to be thoughtful and careful to pick something that is both fashionable and that can elevate other fashionable items he possesses. To assist you in picking the right gift, here are two ideas that will surely make your make your male friend know you appreciate his sense of style.


A Tailored Suit

If you want to help a fashion conscious man step up his game to the next level the best thing you can do for him is to buy him a tailored suit. In addition to getting him a gift that will immediately become his favorite, you will introduce him to a way of purchasing his clothes that will change how he does this forever.

The process of purchasing a custom suit is one that is both enlightening and pampering for any male. It starts with a fitting where the tailor will record all of his dimensions for every piece of the suit. Everything from his neck to his wrists will be measured precisely to ensure a perfect fit. This meticulous process will get him to realize that he has never had this level of attention paid to him before when he purchased clothing. These measurements will also be handy if he chooses to return and to have additional suits, pants and even shirts tailor made.

Next he will be able to choose any style of suit he likes from any number of retro styles to the latest three piece suits.  He can select thin lapels and a looser fit or the exact opposite. Whatever style he prefers can be created exclusively for him.

The range of fabrics that a custom tailor offers is wider than any suit shop or department store. There are literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from and you can of course limit his selection to those in your gift budget. From here, the tailor will create a semi-complete version of the suit that can be adjusted. He will then call in your male friend for a fitting to make last minute adjustments so the suit will be a perfect fit. After the fitting, the tailor will need a few more days to complete the suit and your male friend will be called in for the final fitting and to pick up his suit. The process is so indulging and the outcome so rewarding that it will make buying a suit any other way feel prehistoric.

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A Good Briefcase

If you ever want to make a good first impression at a meeting, walk in carrying a good briefcase. A well crafted briefcase made of leather or some exotic skin. Now to be sure, it is not enough to have it made from some expensive animal, it must also be put together well in order for it to make the right impression on others at the meeting. This is why a great briefcase is such a great gift. In addition to it being a very functional present that can help you male acquaintance who is doing business get organized, it will also make him look stylish and feel more confident when he goes to meetings.

Shopping for a fashionable male is a bit more difficult, but he will appreciate you going the extra mile to get a gift he loves. Protection Status

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