It can be challenging to start when you’re trying to build a following on Insta, either for a business or a brand. The site is busy and crowded and works in favor of IG accounts that are already popular. That’s why many people turn to Socialsgrow to buy Instagram likes for cheap. Combined with a solid marketing strategy, this can give your profile the boost it needs to get more views, which will turn into more Insta likes.

Here are some marketing tips to help you get more IG likes in a hurry:

Use Stories and Captions to Connect with Your Audience

People scrolling through Instagram are likelier to stop and tap a post if they find the poster relatable. Insta Stories allow you to make quick, personal posts that aren’t heavily edited. These can seem more real to IG fans and help them connect with you as a person.

You could talk about:

  • relatable things like the frustration of almost beating a level of your favourite video game,
  • cheering for your local sports team,
  • or challenges you’ve faced in your career or personal life.

Captions also help you to connect with people on Instagram and gain more likes. You could:

  • tell a small story in the captions,
  • include a joke,
  • or ask the audience what they think.

Find Your Best Hashtag Strategy

hashtag strategy

Each week consider popular hashtags and ask yourself if any of them would fit your current content. Insta lets you include 30 hashtags per post, and you should use all of them. Most people find the best hashtags after some trial and error. At first, start with hashtags that make sense for the post topic:

  • #baseball,
  • #weekend,
  • #soccer,
  • #golfswing
  • and you can also tag items in the video, like #tennisracket.

Where should you put them? Some Instagrammers nest them at the bottom of the post, a few rows down from the captions, while others put them all in the first comment. Try both ways and see which one works well for you and brings more likes.

Decide on Your Content Pillars and Use Them Regularly

What are content pillars? They are topics that you will routinely create content about for Insta. You can have 3-5 of them, and these recurring themes should be relevant to your brand and of interest to your target market. For example, if you run a sporting goods store, content pillars could include:

  • preventing injuries in sports,
  • supporting youth sporting leagues,
  • fitness,
  • checking out new gear,
  • and learning techniques used by professional athletes that would help you gain more organic IG likes.

If you have trouble remembering to use your content pillars, you can make a social media calendar and put them on the schedule for each weekday. So Monday could be preventing injuries, Tuesday supporting youth sporting leagues, etc. Some of these could also become a series of Instagram videos posted on the same day each week.

For example, learning techniques professionals use could be a weekly video where you try a famous athlete’s tips for their sport. Maybe one week you practice your golf swing using advice from Phil Mickelson, then the next week you learn to dribble a basketball like Steph Curry, etc. People tend to give likes to the content with which they are already familiar.

Put Some Effort Into Design Elements

Design is an essential aspect of any Insta feed. Think about the mood you want to convey and choose colours and fonts accordingly. You may also consider a standard border or background that you will use for all your posts, and these help all your content have a similar look that people associate with you.

Not Every Insta Post Needs to be About You

Yes, we told you to get personal and connect with your IG audience at least sometimes. But it’s also okay to schedule some posts that aren’t just selfies. Memes can also be relatable, especially if they’re funny or highly relevant. If your brand is more serious, consider making graphics about one of your content pillars. Many people will share the information that they find helpful, and it will also gain many Instagram likes.

Experiment with Reels Until You Find Your Fit

Reels, or short-form videos, are gaining in popularity and Insta likes. It is well known that approximately 9 out of 10 IG users watch videos on the platform every week. With Reels, you have a maximum of 90 seconds, so this isn’t the place for long-form content. Consider making quick videos about all of your content pillars, or brainstorm other kinds of videos you could do.

You could try showing:

  • an item from your store in use,
  • a time-lapse video of it being used repeatedly,
  • or you could try sharing everything you know about a topic in 90 seconds, asking the audience to add tidbits in the Instagram likes and comments at the end.

It’s okay if it takes a little while to find your style. Many people don’t have success with Reels instantly, but over time they learn what kind of video does and doesn’t work for them. The more people will see your Reels – the more Instagram likes you will receive.

Use Closed Captions for Stories, Reels, and Other Video Formats

About 69 percent of Insta users watch videos with the sound off in public places, and about 25 percent do the same in private. Another 80 percent of consumers say they’re likelier to watch a video with closed captions.

You can add these straight from the IG app while recording a video. You could also use caption generation apps like:

  • Caption Pro,
  • Caption It,
  • or Caption Plus.

Make Sure Your Profile is Optimized for Search

Help people find your Instagram account as easily as possible, it will help you gain more likes. In addition to a clear user name that states who you are and what you do, put some effort into the name field as well. Try to come up with something that explains who you are, what your niche is, and what target market you serve. For example, “Sporting Goods Seller,” “Sports Enthusiast,” etc. A profile photo is not of less importance, but try not to overedit it.

For your all-important link-in-bio, invest in a link tool that allows you to link to another page of links. This helps you promote different products using the same link that you don’t change. So you could have links to several category pages on your site.

Some posts might mention basketball, and you could mention your link in your IG bio for basketball products. Maybe other posts are about football, and again you refer to the link in bio. Both product pages could be clearly listed on your page of links.

With these marketing tips, you’re ready to get more likes on Instagram. But first, people need to see your content, so consider buying some IG hearts to get started. This will help get your publications in more feeds, so you can also attract organic engagement.