In 2020, the internet allows us to see and explore every corner of our world. If we want to learn about New Zealand’s most iconic landmarks or the history and mythos of Easter Island, we can do so from our front rooms.

Yet the internet is not a fountain of unchallenged truth. What’s written online can be all too easily manipulated, especially when the individual creating the content is driven by some inherent bias.

For those organising a holiday (see for some handy tips), this can make life difficult. Clearly, it isn’t possible to visit beforehand, and it’s very unlikely you’ll know someone who’s been to every destination you’d like to tick off in person.

Turning to the world wide web, as we mentioned already, comes with its own difficulties, not least that it might be painting an overly rosy picture. So how can you have faith in the decisions you’re making from thousands of miles away?

An increasing number of travellers are turning to online reviews and comparison sites. Here’s how and why you might also want to take advantage.

An indispensable resource

tripadvisor on mobile phone

Comparison sites and online reviews have long been utilised by industries outside of travel, from insurance through to energy suppliers. One prominent example is iGaming, where businesses exist solely online. This means that the only information one can garner on them must necessarily come from the world wide web and what’s written on it.

This poses a problem: every provider is going to claim that their wares are the best. This is an especial difficulty for those who are planning ahead and not currently in the country where they’ll be residing.

These sorts of scenarios are one of the reasons that online review sites like sprang up. Specifically covering casinos catering to a New Zealand-based audience, this provides expert reviews of the many providers that are out there, offering an arguably more reliable and unbiased resource than official business pages.

Of course, these same sorts of sites now also exist for many other products and industries, including travel and hospitality, with being an obvious example. This means it’s possible to evaluate almost any tourist destination, hotel, or eatery no matter how far away in the world you might be.

Unbiased reporting

Google maps reviews

As we touched on, the beauty of this type of website is that the reviews and opinions featured come from one of two sources: third-party experts or ordinary members of the public. The two are thus able to give an unbiased insight into what one can expect, with their sole purpose being to act as a useful resource rather than a selling point.

This means that if you were indeed planning that dream trip to New Zealand, you’d not only be able to discover where to game in advance, but where to sleep, eat, and visit, which all adds up to one thing: it’s eminently simple to organise a holiday that comes without any nasty surprises.

Not only this, but a holiday that’s not been dreamed up by a professional travel provider, but created by and for you, with your wants, needs, and desires being the driver behind every decision you make. We can’t think of a better way to plan a holiday than that.