Valencia – The Heart and Soul of the Spanish Mediterranean

Valencia – The Heart and Soul of the Spanish Mediterranean

This urban maritime spot located on the eastern shores of the Iberian peninsula is what many tourists consider the cultural melting pot of Spain. Inviting, laid back, and diverse, Valencia’s quaint streets echo with both turbulent strife and reap during the golden ages. The historic edifices and monuments stand as a reminder of the “valorous” spirit that established this city – and it is eagerly waiting for you to discover it as well!

In this following review, we will try to cover some of the most interesting activities that you can indulge in Valencia and hopefully convince you to spend a well-deserved holiday there.

Valencia spain

Let the Spanish spirit carry you away

The capital of the Turia, as Valencia is also recognized, provides many activities and tours for all tastes and preferences. In Barrio del Carmen, vibrant bars and restaurants wait patiently for the crowds that come out and enjoy the temperate nights.

At the museums and cultural centers, enjoy and deepen your knowledge of the city, its inhabitants, and local customs. As for the municipal beaches, take part in various exciting nautical and sports activities, such as jet-skiing, catamaran rides, free diving, and sunset cruises.

Best of all, this country has had its fair share of intercultural mixing with the Muslims, which is why the coffee here is to die for! Enjoy each delightful sip in one of many Instagram-worthy open cafes and discover why this city has little in common with the rest of the country.

Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon entourages of young betrothed bucks who are most definitely spending their bachelor weekends in Valencia. Why so? Because hip and urban cocktail bars and nightclubs that work 24/7, the magnetizing energy of the sun that warms this Mediterranean shore, and the mind-boggling beauty of Spanish ladies make this city a perfect place to celebrate the final days of bachelordom.

Valencia spain

Unique and unforgettable landmarks

Start your adventure with the visit to The Gardens of the Turia, which required the flood-prone Turia River to be displaced completely. At the moment, these gardens are the most important urban park that Spain has ever constituted. It is an exciting spot where nature predominates as an art form – perfect for cyclists, runners, and pedestrians in search of high-end leisure.

Chances are the first thing you will want to check out is the most prominent landmark of all. The City of Arts and Sciences: the most exceptional architectural, training, and cultural complex Valencia has to offer.

With a refined avant-garde style, it houses an aquarium, a museum, and movie projection rooms. Undoubtedly, the complex is one of the most advancing architectural achievements in the whole of Europe. No wonder its construction cost a staggering one billion dollars!

On a seaside note, the quintessential urban beach of Valencia offers a special opportunity to practice engaging sports and one of a kind nautical activities. This is the perfect place to enjoy the seafood gastronomy, all the while overlooking the shimmering sea.

One day is nowhere near enough to visit what Valencia has to offer so – a word of advice – plan your travel routes if you want to absorb as much as you can. There are many many more breathtaking popular spots and hidden gems that will await you on your adventure, including the Basilica of the Virgen de Los Desamparados, the iconic square called Plaça de la Mare de Déu, the UNESCO-protected Llotlja de la Seda, and Fallero Museum.

Valencia spainValencia spain

The gastronomic side of this trip

Valencian cuisine is a one-on-one example of the Mediterranean diet, where most of the products come from the bountiful Mediterranean Sea and the Valencian gardens.

For example, The paella is a rice dish with ancient roots that comes in an extensive variety of ingredient combinations. It is regarded as one of the staples of Spanish cuisine, something you should definitely try on your trip. Remember: even though paella is nowadays made in many corners of the world, Valencia will always be the “cradle” of this dish. This right here is the real deal.

The famous “Arros amb costra” is another typical Valencian rice dish typically made with delicious white, red, and botifarrón sausages. It is, simply put, a masterpiece of Spanish flavor that your taste buds will never forget. This is a classic meal for Valencian fishermen, which usually consists of browning raw noodles together with the sofrito in oil.

Rossejat noodles were prepared by sailors on board fishing boats but you can also taste it in any restaurant in Valencia.

In Conclusion

Valencia may be overshadowed by Barcelona and Madrid but that didn’t stop this valorous city from developing its own unique charms and perks. For anyone who wants to get in touch with the authentic Spanish Mediterranean spirit and enjoy as many sunny days as possible on breathtaking beaches, this is the perfect place to be!

Experiencing this city will be one of the greatest additions to your recent traveling experiences, not to mention all the food flavors, salty air, and warm weather will stay with your senses forever. If this doesn’t make you feel like in heaven, what will? Protection Status

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