Velvet Blazer – How to Wear the Velvet Blazer

Velvet Blazer – How to Wear the Velvet Blazer


Velvet Blazer

The festive season is drawing near and the velvet blazer is the perfect evening attire to embrace this winter.  I went into Santa Eulalia, which is based in Barcelona and is one of the oldest boutiques in town.  This high-end store stocks a wealth of historical fashion couture. Santa Eulalia is the place chosen by many men when getting a tailored suit or advice on how to wear a suit. The friendly staff along side the personal tailoring service, is a perfect example of excellent customer service. Hence why Alberto Vallespir shows how to embrace a velvet blazer this winter.

The man in the velvet blazer

Alberto Vallespir is an expert adviser when it comes to a man needing any type of suit. This winter the velvet blazer jacket is a must. Alberto is wearing two different blazers. The labels are Etro and Tom Ford. The quality of these velvet jackets look and feel stunning.  Alberto clearly explained how he would team the velvet blazer for this coming winter.

  1. Velvet blazers are commonly worn in the evening.
  2. Velvet blazers are normally teamed with different material trouser bottoms.
  3. Black velvet blazers looks great with dark grey suit trousers.
  4. Always wear it with a new, crispy white shirt.
  5. Choose  a dark colour tie or bow tie to match your blazer jacket.
  6. Add a personal accessory to give your own edge to the overall look.
  7. Velvet materials are very seductive so wear it with macho attitude. Us women will go gaga.


Alberto selecting the right attire for the Etro velvet blazer


Tom Ford blazer teamed with grey suits trousers.


Bow tie looks great with the velvet blazer


Looking very handsome Alberto


Charvet, slim knitted silk tie


How gorgeous does the tie look


Jan Lesie cuffs will just complete the look


Etro velvet blazer


Alberto predicting that the Chruch’s brogue shoe is a must for this winter


Alberto wearing his own personal touch to complete the look.

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