Wedding Day – Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

Wedding Day – Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

With the average wedding costing £17,674, getting married is an expensive business. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to cut your costs without compromising on making the day one that you and your partner will look back on and cherish forever. How do you save money without the compromise?

Save The Date

It is very common now to choose dates during the week to get married. The venues were chosen off-peak and the staff and hosts seemed more attentive and flexible on those added requests.  The simple reason it was not peak wedding season so they had more time to serve your niche needs. The weather risk certainly didn’t deter the chosen off-peak dates because, in 2019, April this year in the UK was recorded as one of the warmest and sunniest in years.

If you are wanting to know the most popular months of the year for weddings this calendar will help you decide your preferred alternative month. Choosing an unusual date makes it more niche adventures for everyone.

Wedding Day - Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

Alternative Venues

As travel has never been so more accessible it has allowed for weddings to be less expensive and opened more opportunities for alternative locations and venues. With the choice of Airbnb as an alternative more affordable accommodation, it allows weddings to choose places for larger groups.  This means you can bring your own preferred wines and cocktails. That means no corkage fees and you can buy what you need from cheaper supermarkets or wholesalers. Wines from supermarkets over the years are so much nicer and offer a lot more variety.

Just ensure you check it has a license to serve alcohol first!

In regards to food menus. You can arrange your own caterers,  you get to eat exactly what you fancy and your vegan friends are sorted too.  You can find a supplier at a price that suits your budget and the food is of better quality too.

Why not book a villa in Tuscany Italy off-peak is a third of the price compared to summer months and all guests can be part of the big day. The food choice is endless and of high quality without breaking the bank account.

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Wedding Day - Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

DIY Decorations

Choosing alternative seasons means you can opt for more exclusive decorative wedding accessories. Tap into your gifted friends who would like to showcase their talent on your wedding day. What a perfect personal gift to the bride and groom. Long gone are those traditional wedding venues, 2019 is all about new trends for interior designs.

The little things add up, so finding the time to do a bit of DIY.  A personal touch is to have a camera on each table asking your guests to take photo’s of your special day through their eyes. With mobile phones your wedding could be Instagram perfect editied with out the extra costs of a photographer.

Flowers are always a personal choice so get your guests involved and let them opt for a diverse choice of table accessories.

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Pinterest is brimming with gorgeous wedding photography and lots of inspiration but some of those magnificent table settings or elaborate backdrops come at a pretty steep price. Here are some of the most popular themes on Pinterest and some tips on how to recreate the theme of your dreams for a little less.

Basic white tablecloths and napkins create a clean minimalist look and should come with a lower price, whether you’re organizing your own or within a linens package. Much more eco-friendly and there are so many charity finds when it comes to linen gems. Get your guests involved and ask for some extra tablecloth inspirations.

Wedding Day - Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

Solar Fairy Lights

Use solar fairy lights for a low price on sites such as Amazon or eBay. If you know your date in advance purchase them after Christmas it is the most stylish of lights on offer during this season.  If you have opted for an outdoor wedding they can be wound around tree branches, laid along pathways and woven in between decor on tables to create a whimsical, magical vibe.

Plus, being solar powered, you won’t need to worry about trailing wires and finding power sockets.

Dress To Impress

Wedding trends have changed so much when it comes to fashion.  £1,378 is the amount the average bride spends on her dress? This is not as hard as you think regarding spending less for an item you will only wear once. Did you know Oxfam and other charities always get donated brand new wedding dresses and suits? Let’s face it wedding fashion is not about trends it is all about personal taste. If you have access to tailors who can alter the suit or dress the saving on the fabric alone is worth the challenge. Many brides and grooms are now opting for an alternative modern edge to their wedding day. High street labels now are offering gowns and suits for as little as £350.

Be bold and design your own wedding party outfits at a fraction of the price.

Wedding Day - Alternative Luxury Saving Tips

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