Cannabis is a diverse plant with a plethora of distinct characteristics. It carries a vast range of cannabinoids and terpenes that have different characteristics and compounds ranging from THC to CBD and many more.

When it comes to using cannabis products for therapeutic and recreational purposes, it’s important to first understand the plant and its effects.

The first thing to consider and know is the difference between Delta-8 vs Delta-9 THC properties. Although these components have many similarities, their origin and classification are their biggest differences.”

Delta-9 THC is a cannabis compound that was found back in 1964. It is most commonly found in weed and marijuana and is known for its psychotropic effects such as elation, sedation, memory impairment, appetite changes, head change, etc.

Delta-8 on the other hand is a much less potent cannabinoid as compared to D-9, but equally significant.

Mr. Hemp Flower Wholesale Delta-8 THC & Delta-9 THC differ primarily in that, Delta-8 is slightly less psychotropic than Delta-9 THC.

This means that D-8 products will have more progressive and gratifying effects on their users.

Activity Of Cannabinoids

The journal of the national cancer institute conducted a study that discovered a few active and vibrant effects from the use of Delta-8. All of which strongly implied its positive qualities.

  • Delta-8 has been reported to significantly reduce tumor growth in the lu
  • All doses of delta-8 THC [50-400 mg] reduced primary tumor growth between 40 to 60% when evaluated 12 days after tumor inoculation.
  • Mice treated with 50, 200 & 400 mg of delta-8 experienced a 22.6, 24.6 & 27.2 percent increase in life span, respectively. These mice were given delta-8 for a total of 20 days in a row.
  • Experiments with stem cells and isolated human lung cells cultured in vitro with delta-8 revealed a dose-dependent reduction of triturated thymidine and 14C-uridine absorption into the cells.

These findings point to a relationship between delta-8 THC consumption and a decrease in malignant tumors.

In terms of how this research might affect the regular cannabis user, note that this data supports Delta-8’s overall health benefits. As compared to Delta-9, which will do more damage than good to your body’s functioning.

How Does It Affect In Pediatric Oncology?

The use of delta-8 as an antiemetic in pediatric oncology therapies was researched, which found several promising results.

The antiemetic effects of delta-8 helped prevent vomiting with 480 delta-8 sessions which began two hours before each chemotherapeutic treatment and continued every six hours.

With continued use, delta-8 was found to effectively prevent vomiting in young cancer patients who had undergone chemotherapy treatments.

Even for people with less significant illnesses, delta-8 is a great alternative to traditional medicine.

However, Delta-9 on the other hand can be used under medical prescription for coping with diseases such as Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.

The Extraction Phase

Delta-9 THC is a key cannabinoid present in large quantities in the cannabis plant. As a result, extraction is usually rather inexpensive and easy. It is generally extracted from marijuana plants. However, the extraction procedures for delta-8 are expensive and complicated.

Delta-8 is a small cannabinoid, found in very trace amounts in the marijuana plants, hence extraction takes time, heavy machinery and costs twice as much as D-9. Although, delta-8 is found in higher concentrations in the female variant of the cannabis known as the Hemp plants.

And hence can be completely synthesized from cannabidiol [CBD] without the use of solvents. While the extraction can be costlier, it is much more simplified than extracting D-8 from marijuana plants. As a result, many companies are opting for hemp-derived delta-8.

Effects Of The Cannabinoids

One of the most significant differences between delta-8 and delta-9 is their effects on the body. For most people who are unaware of which cannabinoid they want to use, the effects of each end up being the decisive element.

Delta-9 is far more powerful than delta-8. Since D-9 carries almost 30% THC & D-8 carries less than 0.3% THC. Which is the reason why both cannabinoids produce different effects for everyone. Delta-9 will give a head change so strong that you might lose your senses and end up being stoned on the couch for several hours.

Delta-8 on the other hand does get you high, but with the low concentration of THC, it will only have a mild effect and have a lot of goodness to offer as well.

Are They Legal?

Marijuana and weed are the leading substances that carry delta-9 THC and have been declared illegal everywhere in the world. However, with years of push, 34 states in the US have legalized Delta-9 for medicinal and recreational use.

On the other hand, delta-8 is theoretically legal. Thanks to the 2018 US farm bill, hemp-derived Delta-8 was declared legal under specific concentrations which made hemp farming legal as well. However, since it is related to the cannabis plants, the psychotropic nature of Delta-8 resulted in several state-level restrictions.

Approximately 11 states in the US have prohibited the cultivation and sale of D-8 products. A few more are in the line of consideration for legal action on Delta-8. While delta-8 is currently more ubiquitous than delta-9, it is unclear how long this will be the case.


Delta-9 can be legally purchased if it has been prescribed to you by a medical professional. However, to buy it, you’d need to go to a local dispensary since shipping across state boundaries is illegal, online shopping is somewhat limited for D-9.

Delta-8 on the other hand can be delivered over states since it is nationally permitted. This gives you a plethora of choices in online shopping and brands availability. However, in states where delta-8 is banned, the companies won’t ship the D-8 products to those locations.

The catch here is that you need to be extra careful when buying from local stores. You don’t want to be purchasing it from gas stations or other dodgy stores. For example, Delta-8 vitamin capsules are not yet approved by the FDA, hence there are many low-grade items available in the market that may carry impurities.

The best way to ensure that you get an authentic product is to buy online. Companies upload their manufacturing methods along with lab reports on their online websites. If they’re hesitant to show them on demand, you must disregard purchasing from them.