Aside from self-defense, the AR 15 is popular among target shooting enthusiasts and hunters. Owning one makes you one of many. 

Various factors can explain its widespread use among licensed owners. One, its combination of a long barrel and a lightweight body makes it easy to carry. That makes for smooth, steady positioning that enhances accuracy. 

Two, it’s modular. That means an owner can customize it to suit their needs anytime. The stock and barrel usually get the most switching and adjustment. 

Three, it’s pretty accessible. Everyone from law enforcement to citizens with licenses can get them. It helps that buying one is pretty gentle on the budget.

If you have a AR 15 at home, you will be compelled to take it out for a spin every now and then. Experts also advise using it regularly; otherwise, it starts to malfunction. However, taking your AR 15 out without a gun case isn’t exactly a picnic since it can be difficult to transport it. Even if you’re used to the actual weight, you still have the accessories and other gear to lug around, including your personal belongings.

One thing you have to know is the size you need to choose, and this article guides you on how to choose the right size gun case for your AR 15. If you are also looking for ease of handling and flexibility, you can rely on AR-15 soft cases for your rifle.

Ideal Size Gun Case for Your AR 15

If you own an AR rifle, the chances are that you have one that measures 15-16 inches in length. For these guns, you can make do with a 36-inch gun case. This size gun case is most commonly used for the rifle in question, and it allows the weapon to sit comfortably while you carry or move it around in your car.

However, if you don’t have a AR 15 rifle that measures 15 or 16 inches, just measure your rifle and add 2 inches to its length. It will give you the right size you need for your gun case.

Most people have the 16-inch AR 15 rifle, which is why experts always recommend you to get a 36-inch gun case.

After use, you’ll have to store it somewhere secure. Gun safes and cabinets are your best bet. But mounts are better if you only have a small space to work with or want to take it out as quickly as possible. Look up ‘mount gun on wall’ online and start with reputable brands. The ideal selections use the latest high-quality materials, fit your weapon’s dimensions, and can last for years.

Factors to Remember While Choosing the Size

When you are trying to determine the right size gun case for your AR 15 rifle, there are several factors that come into play, which are listed below.

Overall Length

Firstly, you need to know or measure the length of your AR 15 rifle, from the muzzle to the buttstock. Most people make the mistake of measuring only the barrel length, but if you have any aftermarket accessories installed on your rifle, the length might be longer.

Type of Buttstock

The next thing to know is the type of buttstock you have on your AR 15 rifle. Mostly, people use a collapsible buttstock with a AR 15 that has a 16-inch barrel length, and they are able to fit it within a 36-inch gun case, as mentioned in the previous section.

However, if your rifle has a fixed buttstock and a 16-inch barrel, you would need a much larger gun case, say 42 inches. This isn’t a given since most fixed stock rifles can also be fitted within a 36-inch gun case.

Rifle Width

Next comes the rifle width, and this is important, especially if you are used to adding extra accessories to your AR 15 rifle. Most gun cases provide you with enough room to store your gun with the accessories installed, while others come with extra storage to dismantle and place your accessories.

However, it is preferred to get a gun case that allows you to dismantle and place the accessories separately; otherwise, you will need to get a much larger case.


When you have determined the size and other factors, durability also comes into play. Naturally, you would want a gun case that doesn’t buckle due to wear and tear or rough usage. Most people tend to get soft cases as they can be easier to carry. However, soft cases are also prone to fraying, and you don’t have to worry about this problem in hard cases, which are heavier but stronger as well.


The one thing that keeps your AR 15 rifle in place and also prevents it from shaking around inside the case is the padding inside the gun case. The more padding your gun case has, the more external force and pressure the rifle can withstand easily. This is why most people tend to choose hard shells, no matter how heavier they may be.


While this is a less important factor, the capacity of a gun case applies if you also need to store an extra firearm with your AR 15 rifle. Some gun cases are designed to carry as many as two AR-15 rifles, while others might have enough space for you to fit one or two handguns. Therefore, if you have extra firearms, make sure to consider a gun case with enough room for all of them so that you don’t have to carry everything separately.

Apart from extra firearms, you should always look for pockets or storage space in the gun case you buy, even if you don’t use any extra accessories. These pockets will help you carry cleaning accessories for your AR 15, as well as your safety gear.


This concludes our guide on what size gun case you need for your AR 15 rifle. Generally, a 15 or 16-inch AR 15 can easily fit inside a 36-inch gun case, but you might need to go up to 42 inches if you have a collapsible buttstock. Make sure to keep all factors in mind before making a final decision.