E scooters are vehicles that give a lot of positive emotions and save time when travelling.

Few people immediately think about the dangerous situations that may arise while moving on it and about the protective equipment that will help to avoid them.

In the vast majority of cases, possible dangers come from external factors, and not directly from the electric scooter. At the same time, the term “equipment” should not be associated with the armour of a medieval knight or motocross.

Equipment is any form of protection for the rider in addition to regular clothing.

Protect your hands with gloves

The simplest and lightest outfit is gloves. They are needed not only to protect hands from blisters or injuries, gloves, first of all, are an element of hygiene, the same as outdoor shoes. A good example of perfect gloves is presented in Crooze troy lee designs.

On a scooter they move along the street, dust and pollen accumulate on the hands and on the grips (handlebars) of the scooter. The effect is cumulative and, sometimes after any ride on your favourite electric scooter, your palms become dirty literally instantly, especially if you have to carry the scooter during the trip, holding the deck or the handle on it with one hand.

This is especially noticeable if you wash your hands immediately after the trip. With gloves, the palms and hands remain practically clean. The situation is similar with the legs: shoes for riding an electric scooter should be closed, so that dust does not get on the feet that are lifted by the front wheel of the scooter.

Stylish and practical accessory – glasses

The most overlooked element of protection is glasses. Anything will do, but it is better to use specialized sports glasses with colourless or coloured lenses made of impact-resistant plastic. Eyes are the most important human senses and our instincts seek to protect them. If a foreign object suddenly enters the eye, it often causes fright, flinching and involuntary steering, which can lead to a fall. The glasses will protect the rider’s eyes from small insects, small objects carried by the wind, or from large grains of sand that can fly out from under a passing car.

Knee pads and elbow pads are essential elements for electric scooter rides

As minimum protection for riders on compact and lightweight electric scooters, knee pads and elbow pads similar to those used for roller skating are quite suitable. Conveniently, such equipment is sold as a kit and is very inexpensive. For fast and powerful electric scooters, the aforementioned equipment, of course, should be chosen with a higher degree of protection, rather than motorcycle equipment. After all, the speeds of powerful electric scooters are closer to a scooter or a light motorcycle. It is better to find the mentioned protection in specialized shops selling motorcycle equipment.

Neither light nor powerful and fast electric scooters should buy equipment from the category of the cheapest. But, if another is not available or there is no opportunity to acquire it, remember: at least some protection is better than none at all.

Clothes and footwear

A scooter is a versatile means of transportation and does not require any special uniform: you can ride in an office suit or shorts and a T-shirt. But if you are skating for a long time or professionally, the right clothes will make your skating enjoyable and comfortable.

Choose clothes made from natural materials that are breathable and comfortable. It is preferable when the clothes cover the elbows and knees, loose fit without unnecessary accessories.

Choose shoes that fit comfortably on your feet, with flat and thin soles. The sole of the shoe should be made of high-quality material that is resistant to abrasion.

So, for the summer season, the following are suitable:

  • Loose shorts – elongated or short, whichever is more comfortable. If shorts are not an option, wear loose-fitting pants;
  • A loose T-shirt or T-shirt, preferably a membrane one. When riding, especially in hot weather, you will inevitably sweat, and sweat must be removed from the body;
  • Baseball cap or cap. Agree, when you are driving anything, you need to see the road, and the sun blinding your eyes can interfere with this a lot;
  • Wristband – wipe sweat, a very useful accessory.

In the evening, you can put on a shirt or long-sleeved T-shirt. Above all, be careful not to overheat or sweat through.

Clothes for riding a scooter in autumn or wintertime:

  • Loose and tight enough pants, ideally ventilated.
  • Thermal underwear or a long-sleeved T-shirt, a sports turtleneck is also suitable. The main thing is that the “first layer” tightly fits the body and copes well with moisture removal;
  • Sweatshirt with a hood or a nice warm sweater. Warm fleece is ideal, best of all, again, with ventilation.
  • A windbreaker or a light snowboard jacket is the last layer of protection if a minus already reigns “overboard”.

Spacious and comfortable bags

We recommend purchasing a spacious scooter bag. The bag will allow you to comfortably transport the scooter and will become indispensable when travelling. It is convenient to check the scooter in your luggage or transport it in the car without worrying about minor damage.

It is worth considering purchasing a backpack for riding. A particularly convenient option would be a backpack with one strap, which you can unfold, get what you need, and continue to ride.