When starting your weight loss journey, you will realise this is a complex process. It involves continuously monitoring your calorie intake, hormones, physical activity in a day and at times, your genetics can either help or betray you in the process. As you can see, to lose some weight, you will need to get all the help you can get, so this is where Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey protein comes into play. Whey protein has proved to be a quicker method to reach your weight loss goals. Whey protein is really a good weight loss tool that you need.

A little about whey protein

Whey protein has been considered a convenient alternative to whole foods, an excellent option to supplement your meals. Did you know it is a by-product when making some cheese? This is where milk gets separated into liquids and solids; in this process, the liquid that remains is the whey. This will then get processed to produce the healthy whey powder. It has been considered a complete protein as it contains nine of the essential amino acids. And don’t be alarmed; it is extracted from milk but has a very low lactose content.

When you use this by-product as a supplement, it offers your body several benefits. It immediately improves your muscle protein synthesis simultaneously; this will promote the growth of lean muscles. Additionally, drinking whey protein has proved to help lose fat while still retaining muscle mass.

How does it help you lose weight?

  • It has a thermic effect

When protein gets digested, it utilises about five times the calories carbohydrates would need as it gets processed. The reason is protein source slowly increases thermogenesis in your body. It is a metabolic process that helps in burning more fat and increases your body temperature. And thanks to this, you continue to burn calories throughout the day after consumption. Simultaneously, it helps in speeding up your metabolic rate, helping you feel fuller through the day, which means you will end up eating less.

  • There is an anabolic process

A good amount of protein ingested triggers the anabolic process; this is part of the metabolism process. It is where new muscle mass is effectively created in your body.

  • It helps in curbing your appetite and decrease hunger

To reduce weight, you need to consume fewer calories in a day. Research has found that whey protein has been able to increase the levels of satiety hormones; in return, this reduces the increase of hormones responsible for hunger.


Whey protein is a suitable meal replacement due to the health benefits and a quick way to shed extra weight. In this regard, consider getting Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey. Remember whey protein is not effective by itself in your weight loss journey, so pair this with some good workout to get optimum results. When you combine protein and an intense workout, you get the best results. And always remember to reduce your calories intake.