Why Is WordPress The Most Popular CMS for Businesses?

Why Is WordPress The Most Popular CMS for Businesses?

As business looks to the internet frontier for marketing, more brands are setting up social media pages and websites. The shift towards the internet as a marketing tool is supported by a large online following who are extremely interested in reaching out to and keeping up with brands without having to do it physically. Since the internet is convenient, quick and personal for users, it offers a great platform for them to engage with brands, more than any other present avenue.

There are also free hosting options, which help make every aspect of owning a WordPress site financially friendly.

More people are looking online to get customer service, make purchases, research certain products or simply keep up with their preferred brands. Your business could stand to benefit from having an active online presence, and may even take advantage of new markets and avenues of growth.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, hosting up to a third of all active websites. It is very popular for websites and features different types of businesses. Whether your business is a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, WordPress is the CMS for you. Here’s why you should consider it.


No additional costs incurred

 You will not have to pay any additional fees for WordPress features unless you decide to use premium plugins and themes, which already have a sufficient number of viable and trustworthy alternatives. Every aspect of WordPress can be configured for free, and will only require a few minutes work. WordPress is free to install in itself, with users able to pick out their preferred themes and plugins for free. Over time, these free features will not include any additional costs, unlike other platforms which may require payments after certain lengths of time. There are also free hosting options, which help make every aspect of owning a WordPress site financially friendly. Users may be required to pay for their domain name, but this could be as low as $1.


It Is Secure

 There are many WordPress developers who are dedicated to improving the platform’s security by providing the latest in detection and protection tools to help keep malicious attackers off your website or help notify you quickly before any harm is caused. A lot of these tools can be accessed for free since there is a large market and competition between developers.

WordPress’ open-source nature allows malicious developers to come up with software that will target your website, redirect traffic or steal valuable client and owner information. However, the effects of hack attacks on WordPress are limited because of the high level of security. Google based browsers can also help warn of malicious software and code on your website, which makes it easy to identify a problem and seek help. The combination of factors makes WordPress very secure, which means it could help protect your business from possible compromise.

For the best security, you need to develop a plugin policy. You should avoid any plugins that are sourced from third party providers as these may contain backdoors for malicious snippets of code. You should also update all your resources regularly, which prevents attackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities. This will help keep your site secure.

Your Website Will Be Unique

 WordPress is scalable, which means that it is compatible with your preferred website type. Whether you are using the platform for an informative site, a brand awareness page, a live counter, social media, personal or company blog or eCommerce site, you can set it up and have it operational very quickly. There are many plugins, which may be available for free, that will help you get your page set up just how you want it.

Even though WordPress hosts millions of websites, each one is unique to their owner’s design. You can personalize your business website to suit your brand by choosing the right plugins and themes to help you out. Each user can make changes to their code, helping to create their desired website. This way, you can make your business website unique and relevant to the business, which will help boost brand awareness and growth. If it is done well, your website’s layout, appearance and operation could help attract more users to your site.


It Is SEO Friendly

 Your business website is more likely to be viewed by internet users if it can be found within the top search engine results. People will tend to click on links appearing at the top of their search engine results. They are also more likely to find these brands trustworthy, which could affect their judgment when making purchases and developing brand loyalty. SEO can make the difference for your website, especially if you are looking for higher visibility and increased conversion levels. You need to look into optimization to help improve your ranking. As it will be affected by user satisfaction, you should consider making your site friendly for users such as by making it quick to load and easy to navigate. More people will make a return visit if they have an enjoyable experience on your platform, and this will contribute to a better ranking. For the best optimization, you could hire WordPress Development Company to maximize on your website’s potential. Remember to use content to your advantage as well, such as by adding keywords and linking authorities in your line of interest.

Final Word

 Having a WordPress website will benefit your business. It offers a great way to reach a large internet user base without having to incur marketing expenses. Running a website on the platform will help grow your brand presence, as well as provide a secure way to interact and transact with your clients. For businesses that may be interested in finding out what clients think about their brand or how they may react to certain products and services, WordPress also offers analytic incorporation that allows them to monitor engagement, reaction and conversion levels to help them reach their potential clients better. The platform is very easy to use and will offer protection from malicious internal and external attempts to take over administrative control, which ensures your business is protected online.

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