When I was a kid almost thirty years ago, I used to skate going to school. Me and my friends were chasing each other almost everyday going home when the weather is good. Few kids used kick scooters as they were not popular back then. Other kids used customized devices made of lumber with bearings as the wheels. Today, scooters are not only for kids anymore. Girls, boys, men, and women of all ages love to ride. But despite its popularity, not everyone has the courage to ride on this little personal mobility vehicle.

Not many people appreciate the joy of riding a kick scooter. The narrative that this equipment is only for kids still affects many clueless individuals. This is the reason why adults, especially men, are shy to ride because they think someone will laugh at them.

Real men love anything that gives them the thrill and scooter riding is just one of these fun experiences.

I remember my old friend Gary who was the first to own it saying, “If you are ashamed to ride on a scooter, you are a coward and not a real man”. And he was right.

Today, this 2-wheel device is not just for fun anymore. People ride on this 2-wheel vehicle for a lot of different reasons.

Wherever I see a man in a suit carrying a Razor A5 Lux, or a Hiboy T1 on the subway, I have great respect for that person because he is not shy to show the world that he doesn’t care what other people might say.

So why do adults who ride on scooters considered real men?

  • Real men value their time so they don’t care what other people might say as long as they get to their destination faster than walking.
  • Real men love thrilling experience
  • Real men are brave to go to distance without riding a motorized vehicle.
  • Real men do stunts and exhibitions on skate parks

Why going to work on a scooter is a great idea

Going to work on a scooter was ludicrous a few years ago, but with the development of this mode of travel, it has become commonplace to meet colleagues who opt for this solution.

The eco-friendly solution to get to work. Scooters (mechanical or electric) have the merit of not emitting any greenhouse gases. Which is good news for our beautiful planet. Indeed, even an electric moving device has an engine, it does not operate with fossil energy but only thanks to electricity. A simple electrical outlet is all it takes to recharge your battery.

In addition, current models have a fairly good range – between 30 km and 40 km on average – to reduce the number of loads and allow you to make the weekly trips. Moreover, it is now very easy to find self-service rides and thus avoid conventional modes of transport.

In urban areas, this mode of travel is convenient, fast, and offers you the opportunity to ride on bike paths to go even faster. Finally, let’s not forget that with this device, it is not necessary to find parking spaces, it is also the main advantage of free-floating, you can leave the device wherever you want!

Several points can be made about the savings that can be achieved by purchasing an adult foldable personal mobility vehicle. This thing can be an alternative to the car or public transport.

How? If your home and professional activity are in the same geographic area, you could leave your car in the garage: you would win on fuel. And if you don’t have a car and you take the subway or bus to work, ride your scooter: you’ll win on your transport pass. These two points are not negligible in monthly expenditures.

This is certainly not a toy, but it is quite conceivable to have fun riding with it. Even if it is advisable to practice physical activity for health if you are one of the people who do not enjoy walking and therefore sweat, the scooter is for you.

Here you are free to go wherever you want, your hair in the wind and your face full of sun. Taking shortcuts, changing routes, sneaking through the small alleys, or just leaving whenever you want becomes easier. Getting around is no longer a chore but becomes a pleasure.

Some models are light and easy to handle. They can be easily transported on public transport, easily placed under the desk or in the trunk of the car without disturbing others. By the way, a best review of kick scooters by Go2Scooter.

There is a real-time saving in adopting this device. You are no longer a victim of traffic jams or public transport. If your machine is an extra transport, you are free to leave your home at the time you like to go to the station. You no longer need to organize your mornings according to the bus’s timetables and therefore be dependent on public transport. This also applies to the evening at the time of return. You gain autonomy because you just have to ride on your machine to get there. Daily travel will also be changed: to go to an appointment without fear of being late, to pick up your order from the local caterer for lunch, etc. In addition to being practical, you gain in speed.

Scootering, whether mechanical or electric, is less tedious than learning to ride a bike. All you have to do is give it a little boost and keep a minimum of balance for the adventure to begin. Be careful with speed and braking.

Don’t forget to respect the traffic code and other users especially pedestrians. The use of protective accessories is strongly recommended: helmet, elbow pad, knee pad, and fluorescent vest.

Finally, the advantage of a scooter, as opposed to a bicycle, is that it avoids physical effort and therefore to arrive at work without sweating, which is a significant advantage especially if you are going to an appointment. Don’t forget to play sports every day to stay in shape.