Many people in the fashion world hold the opinion that winter is a time of year that separates the sartorial skilled from the fledgeling fashion follower. The main reason for this is layering; this creates more opportunities for fashion faux pas, but also allows the adept to unitise more accessories to keep warm. With the brisk weather now upon us, it’s time to really think about the outerwear we choose, and how to coordinate your wardrobe to match.

With this in mind, here’s a list of the 5 Jackets every man needs in his wardrobe.

Pea Coat

Let’s start with a classic, and as all stylish men will agree, looking good no matter what trend or season we’re in is easier with a garment so timeless. Made popular by European Naval personnel in the 1700s, its heavy wool blend (wool still insulates when wet, unlike many modern fabrics), classic lapels and the double-breasted front will suit any body shape.

The beauty of the pea coat is its ability to be teamed with almost anything you can throw at it, and although this article is about winter, it’s perfectly fine to wear one into the early days of spring. Go casual with a t-shirt, jeans and some well-chosen trainers, or wear as a smart look with an oxford shirt and pair of classic brogues; trial for different occasions and see what works best. A small investment and the ubiquitous pea coat will last you many years, keep you looking good and, just as important, nice and warm.


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