Creatine has already made a name for itself in the fitness world. It is a staple for every gym-goers pantry. And, you must’ve heard about it or may have come across this product name when shopping for dietary supplements. You must be wondering now what the creatine craze is all about.

There are a few studies with most supplements displayed in the market. But Creatine has hundreds of it, making it one of the most scientifically-proven natural supplements that boost athletic performance. Now, if you want to build muscle strength and endurance, read more on the benefits that Creatine offer:

What Is Creatine?

Without even realizing it, your body eats creatine every day. When you consume meat, your kidneys and liver use the amino acid your body took to make creatine. Creatine is then transformed into a creatine monohydrate, a form of cellular energy. This energy will now be delivered to your muscles as a creatine supplement.

But during a workout, your body-produced creatine phosphate only has limited capacity to give you more physical power and strength. This means that added creatine supplements are useful in sustaining your body during high reps training. You may visit for the best creatine supplements.

Benefits Of Creatine To Health And Exercise Performance

Over the years, Creatine has proven itself effective in improving exercise performance during repeated, intense training. But Creatine’s benefits are not limited only to building muscles and improving body endurance. It has more scientifically-backed benefits that you should know about. Follow more:

Safe To Use

Several clinical trials have reported no adverse effects in healthy individuals who have taken Creatine supplements. Numerous researches around the globe have also proved that Creatine is safe for long-term intake. Along with the product’s various benefits, Creatine is one of the safest and most accessible supplements out there; here’s the best creatine on the market according to The Dallas Morning News.

Helps In Recovery In Between Sets

When you decide to take a creatine supplement before working out, this can help your muscles and joints recover in between high-intensity training sets. As it improves your body’s recovery speed, you can then do more exercise work, which leads to faster gains.

Supports Muscle Function

Regular intake of Creatine supplements can increase your muscle’s water content. The entire process of cell volumization can help to quicker muscle growth. Creatine supplements can also boost protein formation that is responsible for creating new muscle fibres.

Speeds Up Muscle Growth

If you work out to increase your muscle mass, taking Creatine supplements will help you see better and faster results. As it signals biological pathways and produces more water content in your body, Creatine supplements help build new muscle fibres. This process can then give you a leaner body and improved muscle size.

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Helps Energy Production In Muscles

During training, ATP is broken down to produce energy in your body, which means that your body now has an increased number of phosphocreatine stores by taking Creatine supplements. They are the ones responsible for producing ATPs to charge your muscles during high-intensity training.

Reduces Fatigue

It is normal for your body to feel beat up after an intense exercise. But Creatine supplements can save you from this trouble. Taking a Creatine supplement helps reduce fatigue by increasing your body’s energy levels. And, if you are too sleep-deprived to work out, Creatine can help you feel more energized after waking up.

Improves Brain Function

Your brain needs a significant number of ATP to function properly. Creatine supplements help build more phosphocreatine stores in your brain to produce more ATP. It also increases your mitochondrial function and dopamine levels, which results in better brain function when doing challenging tasks.

Reduce Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease

A person with Parkinson’s disease has low dopamine levels. The reduction of this key neurotransmitter in the brain can lead to brain cells’ death and other symptoms such as loss of muscle activity and speech impairment. Creatine supplements can help reduce these symptoms by preventing the drop of dopamine levels in the brain.

Help Fight Diabetes

Creatine supplements increase the performance of glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT-4), responsible for lowering blood sugar levels. The slow clearing of sugar in your body can put you at risk of diabetes. Therefore, a fast blood sugar response helps fight symptoms of diabetes.

Help Fight Other Types Of Neurological Diseases

A reduction of phosphocreatine in your brain makes you susceptible to many types of neurological diseases. Creatine supplements can help increase phosphocreatine in your brain, thus, reduces the probability of disease. When used with prescribed medicines, Creatine can serve as an effective defense against several neurological problems.


All in all, you need to be healthy to do physical training. And Creatine can help you achieve this. It is indeed a potent supplement that is beneficial for both physical exercise and health. You may try taking Creatine with natural substances and see if this regimen works well with your workout routine.