Watches – That Empower Our 11 Leaders

Politicians are a bit like fashion, leading lights come and go, make bold statements that can be consumed by the masses and then some become classics never to be forgotten. In the blinding glare of world-wide press coverage a fleeting glance of a good watch can say a lot about the person wearing it .We press the flesh of the wrists of the free and not so free world;

Barack Obama’s Jorg Gray 6500 Secret Service Limited Edition

If you can’t beat em’ then at least join em’  by stealth as the Pres’s secret  service  chaps clubbed together their hard earned greenbacks back in 2007 to give the boss a present he will never forget nor ceases to wear.

Vladimir Putin’s Blancpain Grande Date Aqua Lung

A watch that is almost as recognizable among the oligarchs as the hammer and sickle itself. The timepiece makes a strong statement of power and class with a price tag to match .Hey that rhymes.

The Dalai Lama   Patek Phillipe   658 Wristwatch

Now before the wise amongst you accuse his holiness of fiddling the offerings cup lets just remember it was a gift from the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 53’ and the gentleman constantly wears it on his travels.

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