Spring – Tips On What To Wear

It´s official! There are only a few days left until spring commences. With this is mind, it’s time to get your seasonal selections sorted. You might be thinking of the high summer, shorts and deck shows, but the trick to nailing the change in seasons is to adopt a steady and slow philosophy that changes in phases and pays homage to all things transitional. If you take good maintenance of your warm weather wardrobe early, this will ensure that you can achieve a look that’s already in full blossom come summer, while everyone else rummages for the last pair of Bermuda shorts. With this is mind, here is the second part of our guide on how to get summer transitional right, first time.

Observe Outerwear

Shedding the warmth of the wool can be painful, but there’s a whole range of lighter cover-ups that will keep you bright and breezy this spring. The bomber jacket has been a menswear fixture for the past few seasons, and for good reason. It’s a great layering piece that can sit well over T-shirts, shirts and knitwear, plus it won’t be too heavy should the weather brighten up. The sports luxe influence means it effortlessly pairs with a variety of formal and casual looks, and layers to suit seasonal changes. Ideally, look for a bomber jacket that combines both sports and tailoring design influences, perfect for transitional looks.

And, for those of you that are bored of the bomber, fortunately, this season also has plenty of alternatives in the form of over shirts, shackets and coach jackets which are perfect to throw over sweatshirts and T-shirts, an essential for every wardrobe especially when the weather is so changeable.

First Foot Forward

Footwear is just as important as accessories – topping off a look off with the wrong shoes can make even the smartest dressed man look like he got lost in the urban jungle. Boots in spring only work if you live in North Europe so start to look at lighter colours and materials. Go for tan leather or even suede and drop the black and dark browns. Unpredictable weather can make choosing footwear more difficult than it should be. It’s wise to hold off on sandals until we’re guaranteed no showers, but that doesn’t mean there’s not chance for a change.

If you think about switching to lighter soles, this will help you a lot. Single leather is the most natural and breathable, but a lightweight rubber or wedge sole is also good. Just lighten everything up in proportion to your mood and the weather. If you can’t bear to part with your boots, then we can suggest swapping to a skinnier version of your favourite style.

Gentle Grooming

Whilst paying all this attention to your outer skin, may we suggest that you don’t forget your inner skin? Your face needs some care too, particularly as the external factors that come with switching seasons; like changing temperatures, wind and humidity can weaken the skin. In addition to keeping skin hydrated, it is necessary to lay the right foundations of care. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of all the toxins accumulated during winter, and to reinforce the natural defence of the skin.

By now, you should pay attention that your cleansing routine is up to date and invest in a deep moisturising cream to maintain hydration overnight while relying on an SPF moisturiser to protect against the sun’s UVA / B rays beginning to break through. The same is also true with your monthly hair maintenance and care – regardless of the season. Refine winter growth with a shorter, textured style. A perfect example for spring would be a sharp crop with messy layers. This is a style that’s incredibly easy to maintain and adjust throughout the day and can take about a minute to dry and style every morning.

Sultry Sunglasses

Even if it’s still frosty outside, chances are the sun will be glowing, however low the spring temperature is. You can keep your eyes safe and prevent premature ageing and wrinkles with a decent pair of sunglasses. In addition to getting the right fit, protection should be the primary concern, so before you check the price tag, read the label. Oh, and with regards to the health of your eyes, try to seek out something that blocks 100% of both UVA / B rays.

Once the mundane details are out of the way, you can move on to picking a pair of frames that’ll carry you from the office to the terrace. For spring especially, you need a style that will work with your clothes; you’re not always going to be in swim trunks like the summer.

Always Accessories

Storing items of clothing in your wardrobe seems like mantra for the new season, but the details need some attention too. Winter accessories tend to be tougher, leather-clad and in various shades of darker palettes. When coupled with spring’s brighter colour palettes and less bulky fabrics, these heavy, dark accessories can faux just as much as wearing a winter coat to the beach.

You can observe the same notion with belts. The most popular styles for winter are traditional leather belts, and for summer, stretch viscose woven belts. For the transitional spring / summer periods, you want something in-between. A woven leather belt will work best, as it mixes the leather material seen on the winter belts but introduces the woven style without straying too close to the summer stretch viscose styles.

Finally, pay attention to your bags of style – a leather bag can weigh down springtime’s lighter looks, so swap it for something lighter. Opt for a light-hued bag to reflect the change of season and the change in weather. The season has a particularly earthy, natural feel, which should be reflected in both colour palette and texture. Your best friends here will be the warm, spicy shades have made the transition from autumn to spring, so season your carry-on accordingly.

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