Even in a world that is constantly changing for the better, the fashion industry for men is still a little behind. Despite the fact that we have men’s fashion week now, the men’s section inside clothing stores is always a lot smaller with a lot less variety. It can be difficult to know what to wear and how to change up your wardrobe.

Men enjoy clothing just as much as other people but the choice in clothing is still very limited. Men have to work a lot harder to try and change up their style, but we’ve got some easy solutions to make your wardrobe feel and look more masculine.

How to give your wardrobe more masculine energy


When we think of men’s fashion, we rarely think of the shapes we’re using to create an outfit but it can make the world of difference. If you’re looking to make yourself look more masculine, you might want to focus on enlarging the upper half of your body.

You can do this by adding some structure to your shirts and jackets. While shoulder pads are useful for women’s clothing, they’re not so hot on men’s clothes. However, you can do this easily through the jackets you wear.

puffer jacket

For example, you might want to add a puffer jacket into your wardrobe. There are many advantages to wearing puffer jacket – the main one being that it keeps you warm in the wintertime. However, there is another aesthetic advantage which is that it can make your shoulders and chest look bigger than they are. This gives the body a more typically masculine look.


One really easy way to change up your wardrobe is to add some prints. Prints can be tricky to pull off but if you’re looking for a more masculine look, adding a large and subtle print works best.

For example, a subtle pinstripe on a shirt can give you a more elongated torso and can make you appear taller than you are. Similarly, a large leaf print can give the illusion that you are broader and therefore more typically masculine.

pinstripe shirt

Prints to avoid if you’re wanting to give your wardrobe more masculine energy includes paisley prints or prints with bright colors. Although these prints look great on most people, they don’t give off a typically masculine energy.


Colors are another great way to change up the energy in your wardrobe. The choice in colors for men’s clothes are probably the most varied part of what’s on offer. But when trying to give your wardrobe a more masculine vibe, monochromatic colors such as black, white and gray are the best place to start.

monochrome colours

If you do want to add a hint of color to your wardrobe, why not try a khaki or deep burgundy red. You could also go for a navy blue or different hues of gray if you’re looking to change it up but stay in a monochromatic color scheme. These colors are less abrasive and loud, giving your wardrobe an understated splash of color.

Staying away from bright colors or pastel colors is a great way to ensure that your wardrobe feels more masculine. Bright colors can feel a bit garish and vibrant as they stand out a lot from the crowd. Whereas pastels are more soft and feminine which is the opposite look we’re trying to achieve if you want to give your wardrobe a masculine makeover.

When it comes to men’s fashion, making small and understated changes can make an impactful difference on the way you look. Carefully curating your wardrobe with the tips shown above can ensure that you look your best, whilst also giving your wardrobe the masculine makeover you’re looking for. When you’re next looking for a brand new outfit, have a play around with these suggestions and find what works best for you.