Aviator Jacket – Fly High With This Leather Jacket

Aviator Jacket – Fly High With This Leather Jacket


Aviator Jacket

It’s very clear that the timeless aviator men’s leather jacket is always a winner every season. Why does this design seem to present itself time and time again.

Motorcycling Crowd

Belstaff and Harley Davdison labels are popular among the motorcycling crowd for their waterproof leather jackets. Both brands presents their Collections every year. The jacket that they both have embraced is the aviator design. Harley Davidson caters for you to create a unique approach to the aviator jacket. You can choose from embossed images such as flaming skulls or the traditional Harley Davidson logo; the choice is yours. There are many different sizes and styles of Harley Davidson leather jackets to choose from to suit the needs and style of everyone but the aviator look is a hot clear winner.


Belstaff offers are great variety of chioces when it comes to teaming your jacket to complete your look. For this season, the brand deliver leather on outerwear, pants, footwear as well as bags and gloves. Worth mentioning are the great details that adorn the garments: thick belts, leather detailed zippers and buckles.

What to wear with your aviator jacket?

Aside from leather the other clothing pieces you should wear with your look are. Cable knits, thick sweaters and scarves. Colorways remain in the dark black, grey, brown and deep green, appropriate for the season.  For the season’s collection you get a sort of super-modern Johnny Depp-Sweeny Todd goes punk-rock chic kinda sense. The collection features cool leathers, aviators jackets and bomber jackets, the plays on textures and the always necessary pops of color.

Gracie Opulanza’s Top Tip

Don’t go for a cheap nasty leather, these jackets looking amazing when the leather is thick and stiff. Make sure you try the zips that they are sown in well and zip easy. Chunky zip look on aviator jackets look amazing. Don’t buy your jacket too big or too small the key is that it fits well on the shoulders ask for top advice if you are spending a lot of cash. If you are going to spend the cash then go either for black or a dark gorgeous brown. If it looks cheap and nasty then don’t go for it.

The Aviator – the movie

Leonardo diCaprio’s fashion wardrobe starring in the movie Aviator is one men can learn from. A budget of $2million was allocated to this movie for the 1920s and 1930s male and female costume designs. So men if you want to rock this winter in only one piece of leather wear, then it’s the aviator jacket that will have us women running towards you.


Belstaff winter aviator leather jacket

Diesel Black Gold - Mens Fall Winter 2012 aviator leather jacket

Alexander McQueen quilted leather aviator men's - jacket 2012

Harley Davidson men's leather aviator jacket

Brown aviator leather jacket

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