The world of online gaming is an enormous spectrum in the modern age. Not only can you indulge in your favorite video games via a console or computer online; you can also play games on your smartphone, tablet or even via some Smart TVs  here are some facts that will no doubt amaze you regarding Online Gaming.

1. Online Gaming Welcomes Everyone

No matter how old, or young, the player might be – there is an online game available today for them to enjoy. The ESRB rates every game across every platform to provide a guideline of who can be sold and play the game in question.

2. Additional Content Is Worth Millions

A good example of how much additional content (also known as Downloadable Content or DLC) comes in the form of the Geocaching phenomenon: Pokemon GO. The ‘free to play’ app can be downloaded to a Smartphone or Tablet and any player can progress thanks to a leveling up system that offers rewards.

However, the microtransactions offered in the app’s shop earned developers Niantic in excess of £100 million within six months of the game’s release DLC and additional content are worth mega money.

3. You Can Win On Online Casinos

If you’ve never played at one of many popular, payforit casinos you might imagine that when you play online casino games; you can’t possibly win the jackpot or beat the casino with a system. The latter is quite true, but the jackpots are very real and they’re won much more regularly than you might think.

The record payout by an online casino was over £13 million was won by a British player via an online scratchcard – proof you can definitely win with SlotsAdvisor.

4. VPN Makes Online Gaming Better

This might sound like a sweeping statement but VPN offers so much to the online gamers that it is fast becoming an online essential.  Virtual private networks offer players total security online and allow a gamer to re-route their connection through a server in a different country should they wish. That’s why it’s really important to choose the best VPN for gaming.

Re-Routing a connection through a server that is closer to the game’s central hub will make gameplay much smoother and can even allow early access to DLC and updates.

5. You Have To Spend To Be The Best

Many people can’t justify spending a small fortune on their online gaming habit; even the casino players! But those who do will generally do so to ensure they are at the top of the rankings thanks to early access to the best equipment and upgrades.

Accept it and save your money; there’s always someone with a bigger bank balance they’re willing to spend.

6. You Can’t Trust Anyone Online

It sounds very morbid but you simply cannot trust anyone with any of your details when gaming online. You should never disclose any information other than your screen name, which the other gamers will have access to. Naturally, the online casinos and servers will need to take details from you but inputting your information is always handled on a secure server.

7. It’s Easy to Get Addicted

Some games are more addictive than others and how addictive they can be hinges on your personality and interests but it’s still easy to get hooked. For example; there are often stories in the media about online gamers who are so addicted to some games that they rarely move from their gaming position and, of course, those who lose everything when they play online casino games.

Know when to take a break.

8. There Are More Female Online Gamers Than Male

This fact has been recently confirmed and is, in no small part, down to the outrageous popularity of online Bingo. Over 80% of online Bingo players are female and the figure in question outstrips the number of male gamers, across all platforms, by a massive amount.

9. Single Player Campaigns Will Be Phased Out

When EA was offered the chance to develop and publish the beloved Star Wars: Battlefront series – they jumped at the prospect and released the game in double-quick time thanks to the omission of any single-player campaign.

Gamers were forced to play online or not at all, to an extent, and this is a clear indication that single-player campaigns are not long for this world.

10. Virtual Reality Is Finally Here

The topic of several sci-fi films over the years; Virtual Reality is no longer Science Fiction, it is Science Fact. Sony might’ve been beaten to the grand unveiling by Samsung but the tech giants have released the first VR system for a console and the future is very bright for Virtual Reality.

It might not be very cost-effective at present but that will soon change when the other companies catch up.