10 Best Bobbleheads For Your Car

10 Best Bobbleheads For Your Car

While most people like to keep their bobbleheads on glass shelves, there are various places where bobbleheads can be displayed. One perfect spot is on a car dashboard.

Why keep your bobbleheads stored away on a shelf when you can display it on your dashboard for everyone to see? Additionally, these adorable bobblehead dolls, to some extent, can help drive stress away.

You might ask how much do bobbleheads cost and start to look for some online sellers. Bobbleheads are generally cheap and while a lot of collectible bobbleheads can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars, you can have customized versions for less than a hundred dollars.

There are plenty of choices for every interest when it comes to choosing a bobblehead for your dashboard. However, car panels offer limited space, so choose wisely. Here are ten of the best dashboard bobbleheads to help you out.

Bobble heads

Kobe Bryant Bobblehead

Evidently, Kobe Bryant memorabilia has been increasingly popular due to his recent passing. A lot of fans are looking for meaningful items they can hold as a keepsake and bobbleheads do just that. There are plenty of officially released Kobe Bryant bobbleheads over the course of his career, but these might prove to be a bit costly. Fortunately, there are online stores that offer great quality customized bobbleheads.

Michael Jordan Bobblehead

Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time as far as most people are concerned. There is no shortage of NBA fans because of his legacy. For this reason, merchandise related to Michael Jordan is undeniably popular. This includes Michal Jordan Bobbleheads.

Lebron James Bobblehead

There is no question that Lebron James is one of the most famous NBA superstars of the current Era, and as compared to Kobe and MJ, his legacy is still being written. Lebron James Bobbleheads are equally popular with MJ and Kobe’s.


Emoji Bobbleheads

Emojis are not only trendy on text messages and chats but also car dashboards. Emoji bobbleheads became quite a trend that the National Bobbleheads Hall of Fame and Museum released its first officially licensed emoji brand bobbleheads.

Having a full set of emojis can make your car dashboard fun and exciting. Apart from officially licensed emoji brand bobbleheads, you can find novelty emoji bobbleheads everywhere.


Personalized Bobblehead Of Yourself

One of the reasons why bobbleheads are so popular is that they are customizable. Various online stores offer personalized bobbleheads, which allows you to purchase customized bobbleheads of yourself. While some people might consider this vain, the uncanny resemblance of these bobbleheads makes you want to buy more.

You can have a complete bobblehead set of yourself in different costumes and poses. There is even an option to put your head on premade bodies of your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, or even the celebrities themselves.


Custom Pet Bobbleheads

Aside from personalized bobbleheads of yourself, you can also have a bobblehead of your pet made. It is never a bad idea to bring a bobblehead of your pet with you everywhere you drive. This is especially useful during those times when you can’t bring your little sweetheart with you.


Baseball Bobblehead Giveaways

Fan giveaways have become a staple when it comes to baseball. Every season, teams across the country hope to reward and, at the same time, attract fans through bobblehead giveaways. Collecting bobbleheads from team giveaways have become a favored hobby.

Collecting an entire set of bobbleheads from your favorite team can prove to be complicated. And the best way to show off your collection, once complete, is by displaying them on your car dashboard.


Avengers Team Bobblehead Set

The first Marvel Avengers movie featuring the initial team members hit the screens in 2012, and Avengers merchandise boomed soon after. It is quite common for long-time Marvel fans to own a bobblehead set, which includes the initial members of the team. Having a set of your own on your car dashboard should let people know you are a true Marvel Avengers fan.


Baby Groot Bobblehead

At the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, we saw Groot get reborn into a small sapling. This happened after Groot sacrificed himself to save his friends, and because of this gesture, he gained the hearts of millions of Marvel fans.

Additionally, His cute appearance makes a great car dashboard bobblehead. It is difficult not to fall in love with the baby Groot bobblehead.


Star Wars Clone Trooper Bobblehead

Almost all Star Wars fans have a Star Wars Clone Trooper, whether it is an action figure, a costume, a life-sized statue, or a bobblehead. Having a Star Wars clone trooper bobbleheads on your car dashboard signifies that you are a proud Star Wars fan.


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