4 Important Tips on How to Spend Time with Your Partner’s Family

4 Important Tips on How to Spend Time with Your Partner’s Family

It’s finally time to meet your partner’s family and you are completely lost as to how to get them to love you like your partner does. Just in case you are here, know that you are not alone. A lot of people have walked down this lane and while it was easy for some, for most people, it was tough.

Falling in love with someone is the easy part; getting the family of the one you fell in love with is the sticky part. Finding love/chemistry, just like finding passion is never easy, hence humans work extra hard to ensure they do not lose their relationships, You may read more info here about chemistry. It is also a fact that you will not be able to get the family of your beloved to fall in love with you if you can’t spend time with them. The reasons are obvious: you can’t tell what they are like, whether simple or extravagant, you can’t tell if they will like you, you can’t tell if they will like the kind of food you know how to cook, you can’t tell if they will love the kind of movies you love; there are really many things you can’t tell. If you and your partner’s family can’t even sit in the same space for 10 minutes, how then do you get them to love you?  This is why when it comes to meeting with your partner’s family; you need to prepare to know what things to do to get them to want to be with you.

Preparation will make things easy for you and that’s why you must not allow yourself to be ambushed by meeting your partner’s family. Make sure you take your time and be sure you are ready before you agree to meet.

In addition to what you already have in mind, here are 4 important tips on how to spend time with your partner’s family.

Get your confidence level to 100%

You got to settle this in your heart “My partner loves me!” If your partner loves you, then the family will want to love you too; at least for most families. Most families I know just want the best for everyone in the family, including your partner. The meet up is their way of assessing you to see whether you are the best for their family. As a matter of fact, see it this way, if your partner doesn’t think you are someone awesome, he or she will not be proud enough to ask you to come to meet up with family.

So think about those things and get your confidence level high because if you start getting jittery, and you lose your self-esteem and become insecure, chances are that you will not have fun at meeting and spending time with your partner’s family.

Ask questions

Your partner knows more than you think you know. He or she knows what things will interest his or her family. However, he or she might not have remembered to tell you stuff like the sister’s favourite colour, the dad’s favourite sport, the little brother’s favourite snack and the song the whole family loves to sing. You need to ask questions! Try to dig deep to get answers from your partner, then arm yourself with the information you have before you meet up with your partner’s family.

Come bearing gifts

It’s a big day. You have your confidence in a place that your partner loves you and that the family will not witch hunt you, and you have got the answers to all the questions you have about your partner’s family. It is time to meet up, so what?

First impressions last long; yeah, they really do. You must have been able to find out what everyone in your partner’s family would love, so get them gifts. Imagine how beautiful it will be to bring out of your pack an appreciated gift for everyone! It will send out the first impression that you are thoughtful and thorough, first to have thought of bringing gifts and second to have brought a gift that everyone appreciated.

Get involved

After you might have made a first good impression, everyone is probably a bit relaxed with you. This is the part where you should not relent. Get involved in whatever they are doing. Most families have their traditions and activities, stuff they always enjoy doing together. Even if it differs from the stuff you would like to do, make efforts to get involved with them. Some families are super active, if they are, then get active too. Play sports with them or go hiking with them.

If it is arts, then sit then and watch or develop an immediate artistic ability and draw something funny. If it is music, get singing along and if you can’t sing, bob your head and tap your feet along to show approval. The whole idea is to fuse with the family tradition; it is your way of telling them you accept them and there is no way they will not accept you back.

It is truly a bliss to bond with your partner, especially with your partner’s family. With the help of these 4 important tips on how to spend time with your partner’s family is no one-size-applies-to-all, as such, you should expect some variations. But everyone wants to be loved. If your love game is tight, your partner’s family will become your family eventually.

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