Whether you’ve been a wheelchair user since childhood and have had time to develop your style, or have only been in a wheelchair for a shorter period, fashion could be very important to you. Just because someone uses a wheelchair, doesn’t mean they should have to sacrifice being stylish.

If your wheelchair use is the result of a miscarried surgical procedure, surgical negligence claims are one way to pay for everything you need for the rest of your life, including a whole new wardrobe. So, why not make sure it makes you feel confident and trendy?

In this post, we’re going to share 10 fashion tips for wheelchair users that will really help you improve your style. Take a look…

What Can Wheelchair Users Do to Be Fashionable and Stylish?

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t limit your access to fashion as much as you might think. The following tips should help you find your own style that will impress your peers and make you feel fashionable.

1. Try custom made clothing

The conditions people use wheelchairs for are very different from each other, which means there’s no garment that’s universally comfortable for every user. The goal is to have fashionable clothing that is comfortable at all points and drapes neatly over your frame.

Custom made clothing is more expensive than buying off the rack, but if you can afford it, you’ll end up with clothing that suits your individual needs. This is where any surgical or disability negligence claims can come in handy.

2. Choose how much of your body you want to show

Some wheelchair users prefer to conceal or de-emphasise the shape of their body whilst others choose to dress in a simpler, more revealing manner. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your look.

If you’re confident showing off the shape of your body then choose more revealing clothing. But, if you’d rather not show too much of yourself in your clothing, choose thicker, looser fitting clothes.

3. Decide if you want to cover your legs

Many wheelchair users lose the muscle definition in their legs due to spending a prolonged amount of time in their wheelchair. When this happens, it’s up to you whether you choose to embrace it or hide it.

friends having a picnic

A wrap can actually draw more attention to the wheelchair but does add bulk to the lower body. Loose-fitting trousers with broad cuffs can give the impression that your legs are more substantial.

On the flip side, if you’re comfortable with the way your legs look then there isn’t much you can’t wear.

4. Draw attention to your face

Oftentimes, people can become fixated on the wheelchair and treat a user differently because of it. Wearing clothes that draw people’s eyes upwards and towards your face can help people focus more on who you are and what you’re saying than the chair you’re sat in.

A neat, upward sweeping style, such as a vest that’s cut long enough to cover the top of the trousers and hide the waistline, helps to define the wearer’s chest and shoulders. Add some peaked lapels and narrow point-style shirts and the gaze moves upwards from there.

5. Find tops with a longer neck to waist ratio

You can buy adaptive clothing where the section in the front, from the neckline to the waist, is longer in the front than in the back. This means that when you sit in your wheelchair the back of the garment doesn’t bunch up.

It doesn’t sound like this would make a huge difference but if you’re really looking to maximise your style, adaptive tops are definitely worth a try.

6. Have fun with your shoes

One added benefit of being a wheelchair user is that your shoes stay crisp and clean. You also don’t have the problem of shoes looking good but being too uncomfortable to walk around in.

Have fun with your shoes

As long as you make sure your shoes aren’t too small, you can go crazy with footwear most other people can’t get away with. Have fun with it, try out some shoes you might never have considered before, and find the ones that are right for your style.

7. Go for colour and pattern

Speaking of wearing outlandish shoes, why not incorporate some bold colours and patterns into the rest of your outfit?

Colour and pattern in your top half can help draw people’s attention away from your legs and wheelchair, especially if you tone down the colour of your trousers. Mix this idea with fun shoes and the whole wheelchair part in between will be less eye-catching.

8. Structure is superior

Structure and comfort are the two main elements you want in all the clothes you choose to wear. You want to be comfortable when using your wheelchair for hours on end, but you also don’t want to look dishevelled or wrinkled by the end of the day.

Lots of arm motion pushing your wheels and sitting in your chair for long periods of time can cause wrinkling and general annoyance when you have to keep putting your clothes back in place. Look for clothes with structure that stay with your body instead of fight against it.

9. Keep your closet stocked with basics

What you don’t want to do when you’re developing a new style is to invest in just a few outfits and have nothing fashionable to wear the rest of the time.

drawer full of t-shirts

If you find pants that work for you or a top that doesn’t ride up, buy a few in different colours or patterns. The more basics you buy the more clothes you have to mix and match in future and the more styles you can actually create out of them.

10. Make your style personal to you

Instead of looking at what other wheelchair users are wearing and basing your look off that, try going for something that matches your personality. We can give you all the fashion advice in the world, but making sure to add your own personal touch to each idea we’ve discussed today is what will really make your new style feel like your own.

Ready to Start Experimenting with Your Wheelchair Style?

In this post, we’ve shared our 10 top fashion tips for wheelchair users. Most of these tips are designed to help you find your own style instead of telling you what to wear. Hopefully what we’ve shared has been useful, and good luck finding a new style!