Blue is definitely the color of the season and one of my personal favorites, because of its versatility. A color that could be combined with almost everything, something that intrigues me to experiment with styles and try out more appealing options. Seeking to create a distinctive, classic, yet creative outfit, I chose to present you on It’s a MAN’s Class today, this gorgeous ready-to-wear superfine wool three-piece suit from TAILOR Italian Wear, proud ambassadors of the Neapolitan style of tailoring.

Neapolitan tailoring is characterized by the coolness reflected on the clothes that are a little more edgy and versatile. We may say that tailors in Naples managed to develop the perfect fit on their suits, creating a freestyle and relaxed hue, maintaining the sharpness and elegance that a well dressed gentleman should adopt. This is the reason why Neapolitan tailoring is getting more and more popular among young men.

Polka Dot Suit - MenStyleFashion (2)

The Look

The whole outfit is mainly consisted of two colors. Blue and Brown. A tempting, yet appealing combination, in which brown’s warmth balances the coolness of blue, reminiscent of earth and sky. The fulll coupe pattern of the exact suit makes the look distinctive, in a discreet and elegant way. One more feature that made me absolutely love the exact suit was the fit. It was super flattering and comfortable, which is quite remarkable for a ready-to-wear suit. I combined my three-piece patterned suit with a white giro inglese cotton shirt, a blue-brown silk knitted tie and a pair of handmade bi-colored derby shoes, also in brown and blue. The final touch was given by a contrast floral pochet – a special detail that reflected my personality.

This suit feels amazing and for those that like to mix and match. I would recommend to mix it up with other fabrics. Does a suit empower a man, well it certainly does for me.