10 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles – For Hair Systems

10 Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles – For Hair Systems

Trending hairstyles for men who wear hair systems on a regular basis. These stylish haircuts from Lordhair are making men struggling with hair loss get the look they desire!

It is not uncommon for men lucky enough to have their own full head of hair to pay no real attention to how they style their hair. The same, however, cannot be said for those men who wear hair systems to combat their hair loss. Men who get their hair back naturally want to then style their hair and pull off all the looks that they were not previously able to!

In this blog, we will introduce 10 hairstyles that are experiencing a huge demand from men who wear hair systems. So, if you wear a hair replacement system, then, this is the perfect place to discover the next hairstyle for you!

Layered undercut- LD043

The layered undercut is by far the most popular mens wigs hairstyle requested by men. For this haircut, the upper layers of hair are brushed backwards and blow-dried to hold the shape. The sides are kept short giving you a funky, yet modern look.


Slicked-back messy hair- LD005

Slicked-back messy hair will trend in 2020. We all know that retro slicked-back hair looks rather dapper but the messy element adds to its alpha-feel! To perfect this hairstyle for hair systems, stylists need to keep the sides short and brush back to create the desired ‘messy’ hair. You can also keep the sides medium if you want.


Modern elephant trunk hairstyle- LD042

The elephant trunk hairstyle is a famous haircut from the 1950s which has fallen back into fashion. It’s also known as the ‘greaser hairstyle’ and is perfect for gents in love with a laidback look. Comb back the long hair of your hairpiece and form a thick quiff on the front. An edgy beard will really top off this hairstyle!


Brushed back haircut- LD011

We simply couldn’t draw up a list of the most popular hairstyles for hair systems and not mention the brushed-back haircut. Known for its sporty look, this hairstyle has medium-length hair on the top and sides which is slicked back with a comb. Check out this video to see the transformation you can give yourself by wearing the Champion-M hair system from Lordhair.

Side-swept fringe- LD009

A side-swept fringe is the perfect hairstyle for men who want a relaxed and youthful look. To get this haircut, ask your men’s hair system supplier or stylist to keep the curls of the hair long enough to fall over your front hairline, thus, covering your forehead. You can either keep the hair length over the eyebrows or let it fall below your eyes.


Wavy Pompadour- LD044

No list would be complete without the majestic, wavy Pompadour hairstyle! Popularly amongst lace wigs for men, this haircut comprises faded sides and long hair with a length of over 4 inches on the top. This will easily lay flat when combed back. Here are a couple of tips for you: use a hairdryer to make the perfect quiff and try the Pompadour with some stubble.


Short and simple haircut- LD049

Men who don’t like to be experimental with their hair can simply go for a short and simple haircut. By keeping the length of the sides and top equal, you can get a neat yet stylish cut for that boy-next-door look. This hairstyle is also widely in demand by men who love hair systems that require minimal upkeep.


Side part pomp- LD041

The side part pomp is yet another trendy hairstyle favored by men who wear hair systems. Known for adding an inch or two to your height, it can be easily personalized to suit any type of face shape and gives a groomed finish. A side part pomp can be achieved by slightly trimming down the back and sides but leaving substantial length on the top for a fringe. All in all, a simple yet dashing hairstyle for modern hairpieces!

Mohawk – LD035

If you are looking to make a fashion statement with your hairstyle, then, a Mohawk is definitely worth considering! The sides of your hair system are kept short, leaving a wide strip on the top which will give you a large number of styling options such as a comb-over, a quiff, slick back or spiked hair.

This video shows a hair system transformation with the Mohawk hairstyle. The hair system you see is from Lordhair and has a super fine welded mono base.

Regular haircut – LD004

A regular haircut is undoubtedly one of the most traditional hairstyles for men who are not looking to make a style statement and just want to keep things simple. The hair length on the back and sides is a medium-length with the hair left long on the top which can then either be combed or left messy. This hairstyle looks great on guys with a clean shaved face.


So, there you have 10 hairstyles that are all very popular with men who wear hair replacement solutions. Getting a hair system from a popular wigs brand gives you the freedom to customize your hairpiece with a professional cut-in service as well as the reassurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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