The Science Behind How Sildenafil Works on the Body

The Science Behind How Sildenafil Works on the Body

Erectile Dysfunction is among the most common bedroom confidence issues plaguing men across the globe. It’s a tough subject for many of us, and often goes untreated or ignored due to the embarrassment, and anxiety that tends to come with it. The reality is that the vast majority of men will experience some form of ED at least once in their lives. Since there’s a multitude of contributing factors, causes, and potential catalysts surrounding it, ED can be very difficult to accurately diagnose and treat. Thankfully we have the so called “miracle drugs” like Tadalafil (Cialis) & Sildenafil (Viagra) which is going to be today’s topic of discussion!

We’ll also touch on exactly how sildenafil affects the body, and how you can go about obtaining some sildenafil for yourself! Remember that it isn’t a miracle cure, and will affect everyone differently – that’s why it’s so important to understand the inner-workings of this drug to help discern whether or not it’s for you!


What is Sildenafil?

Sildenafil (sold under the brand names Viagra, Revatio, and others) is the most commonly used prescription drugs for treating Erectile dysfunction as well as a disorder called pulmonary arterial hypertension. It’s proven to be an effective (but not guaranteed) method of improving erection quality in men, it’s effectiveness in treating sexual dysfunction in females remains untested. After it’s discovery back in 1996, it quickly became a worldwide sensation, with celebrities and politicians alike singing its praises. With that in mind, it’s still important to note that it might not be perfect for everyone and still comes its fair share of potentially adverse effects – as, with any other medication, that is.

How is Sildenafil Obtained?

Certain countries do offer over-the-counter options for acquiring ED medication, it’s prescription only. And for good reason. I would dissuade those who want to try some of their friend’s pills or any non-traditional methods. The process of getting treatment for ED can be a needlessly embarrassing & anxiety-ridden process. Calling the doctor, talking to the cute receptionist, then having an embarrassing chat with your doc is not a fun experience – I can confirm that first hand!


Thankfully, there are now alternative services of acquiring ED medication legally, discreetly, and cheaper than the methods that traditional healthcare offers. I’m talking, of course, about Bluechew! Bluechew is an alternative medicinal service that offers cheap sildenafil tablets discreetly to your door without sacrificing quality. You’re getting largely the same medicine you’d receive from a traditional healthcare options but for a fraction of the cost – without any needless anxiety/embarrassment. In this comprehensive Bluechew medical review, you can find more in-depth information on how Bluechew works in addition to some helpful info that should give you an idea of whether or not it’s the right option for you. Bluechew puts you in contact with actual medical professionals & licensed physicians to accurately diagnose you and set you up with a prescription for ED medication! There’s nothing more frustrating than having all the tools at your disposal, yet you’re unable to perform when the moment of truth finally arrives. So we know what Sildenafil is, but how does it actually work? I’m so glad you asked!

The Science Behind Sildenafil (how it works)

Sildenafil belongs to the “phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor” class of medications which work to slow down the enzyme known as PD5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) in the body and prevent it from working to quickly which helps regulate & increase blood flow to the penis – thus helping you attain/maintain more powerful and long-lasting erections! You’ll still need to stimulate/stroke the penis 15-45 minutes after consumption to achieve your initial erection, but once you’re hard – it should last anywhere from 2-3 hours or more, depending on your body’s composition.

We need to stop carrying around the sort of shame that seems to come with ED and bedroom confidence issues, and start understanding just how normal and treatable it really is. We have come a long way in becoming a more accepting & inclusive society, and the next step is to stop shaming men for a problem that’s as human as any other. Stop feeling embarrassed, and get the treatment you need – there’s no longer any excuse for it!!

We are lucky to be living in a time where alternative medicinal options like Bluechew exist to break down the barriers that have existed for far too long. Thanks to them, it’s never been easier to get easy access to ED medication, medical professionals who specialize in treating bedroom confidence issues AND all the information you could ever need to better understand the nature of your condition, what can cause it, and how you can work towards treating it – no more frustrating nights of not being able to get it up – just a rock hard member! Protection Status

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