The Polaris Ranger UTV is a great vehicle to own and has a lot of power. However, unlike cars, the parts attached to them will wear down over time. Parts for Polaris Ranger UTVs are changed regularly, so it is hard to keep up with what features are replaced compared to the other vehicles or bikes. This article will tackle the main parts you should buy firsthand when you are looking to replace them.

1. Front Shocks

The Polaris Ranger UTV can conquer any type of terrain. It needs a way to absorb the bumps it will be going over to do this. The front shocks are ideal when diving long distances and can still easily handle going up and down hills. When your front shocks start to wear out, you’ll feel them lose air pressure.

2. Front Tires

Handling is essential to you and others around you when you are driving the Ranger. If your front tires are worn out, it can cause your steering to be jerky, or you may notice that it drifts when turning. You also want to replace them for your vehicle to be safe for everyone around you and your own safety.

3. Rear Shocks

The Polaris Ranger UTV has rear shocks as well. They are not as important as the front shocks are, but they are still critical to you and others around you. Because of this, if you notice your Ranger’s rear shocks wearing out, replace them immediately.

4. Cooling System

The Polaris Ranger UTV has a cooling system as well. It is also essential to safety and the machine’s performance. The Polaris Ranger UTV uses water in its coolant to keep its engine at the right temperature when running.

5. Rear Drive Lines

The rear-drive lines are also crucial to keeping your Ranger UTV in tip-top shape. They are not as important as the other parts listed above, but they are still essential. If you notice that they start rusting or wearing out, replace them.

6. Alternator

The alternator is another UTV part you want to replace when worn out. It charges the battery to power up your Ranger UTV. If it wears down, you won’t have enough energy to run your UTV, and you will have to take time out of your day to get a battery charger, hook it up, and charge up the battery so that you can keep on driving.

7. Drive Belts

The drive belts are essential because they connect everything for your UTV to work correctly. When they start to wear out, you’ll need to replace them before the belt breaks because that’s when your device will not work correctly anymore, and you can expect problems.

8. Main and Secondary Fuel Filters

The primary and secondary fuel filters are also essential to keep your UTV running smoothly and efficiently. When they wear down due to lack of fluid, the gas flow will be reduced in the engine, turning it into an inefficient vehicle for driving.

9. Transmission

The transmission is also an essential part of the Polaris Ranger UTV. If you notice it starting to wear out, replace it. As a result, it may not work correctly and look for other ways to fix it for the cost of getting a brand new one done by a mechanic or repair shop.

10. The Exhaust System

As with all vehicles, the exhaust system is another part of your Polaris Ranger UTV that must be replaced when worn out or damaged. Broken pipes and bent pieces can make an annoying noise to have running your Ranger. It also reduces the engine’s ability to breathe correctly, which can cause the engine to overheat.

The Bottom Line

One should be aware that when you need to replace your Polaris Ranger UTV’s worn-out part, you’ll have to buy it first-hand from the manufacturer or a used parts provider instead of getting it from an auto parts store. It is because Polaris Rangers can be highly different in what they have and don’t have on them. After a while, the Polaris Ranger UTV has certain parts that need to be replaced. There is a lot of wear and tear on these parts, making your device look old and can cause malfunctions that could be dangerous for you.