It’s important to have a car with fully functional parts such as its brakes. Having a faulty or non-functional braking system is one of the biggest dangers you could face when driving a car.

Generally, a car with faulty brakes can lead to increased stopping distances and severe skidding, but a car with non-functional brakes could lead to more severe accidents.

This article will explain the causes of brake failure and the dangers of driving a vehicle with a non-functional braking system.

Causes of Brake Failure

There are many ways for your vehicle’s braking system to malfunction. Some of these reasons can cause your brakes to become faulty, and some could lead to full brake failure. Learning the common causes of brake failure is useful so you can monitor and prevent them from failing.

Rusty Master Brake Cylinder

If the master brake cylinder begins to rust, the reservoir’s brake fluid may leak. Generally, if your brake fluid leaks, it will cause the brakes to fail.

Brake Pads Overheating

Brake pads that become overheated are one of the most common causes of brake failure. Generally, the brake pad is overheated and begins to cool down. As a result, the pad’s surface and rotor glaze reduce the grip.

Therefore, brake pads should be replaced when you notice a reduced grip. Pedders offers high-quality brake pads whenever you need to replace them.


When the brake fluid gets hot, the water droplets turn into steam. This can be transferred to the brake lines, which causes the brakes to malfunction.

Dangers of Brake Failure

Brake failure is a major car hazard that must always be prevented because of the danger it brings to the driver and their surroundings. A vehicle with malfunctioning brakes can lose control and collide with cars or people.

Brake failure makes the driver unable to control and lessen their speed whenever they are going fast. Accidents that result from this can range from minor to severe ones.

Here is a list of accidents that come from brake failure:

  • A vehicle rolls over because the car is pulled to one side of the road
  • Hitting a stationary object or rear-ending another car
  • Collisions from skidding or being unable to brake


A fully malfunctioning braking system is a serious car hazard that should always be prevented before going on the road. Knowing the causes of brake failure can help prevent your car from having faulty brakes. Learning these can help prevent you from getting into an accident.