Technology has undoubtedly infiltrated every aspect of our lives, which is why it’s important that everyone has a device on them at all times. Whether you’re at school doing an assignment or at work chasing after a deadline, it seems that all of our responsibilities are inextricably linked to the internet and a device.

Now more than ever, the role of technology has cemented itself. Despite the height of the pandemic finally passing and the lockdown restrictions gradually lowering, we’ve learned that technology can actually play an integral part in salvaging any sense of normalcy.

The prominence of technology has allowed us to experience the flexibility of the work-from-home setup and continue our productivity despite no longer being in a fixed workplace. Technology also allowed us to stay connected to our friends and family, even with the pandemic protocols forcing us to isolate ourselves in our homes.

When it comes to devices being used, it all really comes down to two major contenders—the laptop and the tablet. While the laptop is definitely more useful in terms of getting work done, it doesn’t have the same convenience and portability that the tablet offers users. Furthermore, a tablet can pretty much perform all of the important functions that a laptop can, but with the bonus of being much easier to bring around.

With the work-from-home setup seemingly here to stay, here are some accessories that you can buy to help spice up your tablet experience!

Wireless Keyboard

wireless keyboard

The tablet can definitely fill in all the crucial roles that the laptop can have like video calls, collaboration, communication and more—but why not take it a step further? Getting a wireless keyboard for your iPad can be useful in many different ways.

When you’re spending hours and hours typing away on your laptop, your fingers will undoubtedly feel the consequences of all that tapping, but that doesn’t have to happen with a wireless keyboard. The buttons and keys on a keyboard will help cushion some of the impact that happens when you type so that you can type for long periods of time comfortably.

And despite the many sizes that tablets come in, it’s hard not to feel like you’re lacking a lot of space when your keyboard pops up and takes up half the screen space. With a wireless keyboard, you can maximize your tablet’s size and see the entire document rather than only working with half of it.

Apart from that, you’re also given much more freedom now that you no longer have to spend all your time hunched over your iPad because a wireless keyboard means that you can lean back in your chair while still getting the work done.

Tablet Case

Ipad case

One of the perks of a tablet is definitely its portability. Compared to a laptop that is both bigger and heavier, a tablet’s sleek design means that it takes up less space so that you can effortlessly bring it around wherever you need to go. A tablet can just be thrown into your backpack, but the problem is that there’s a risk of the other items in your bag crashing against it without you even knowing about it.

A tablet is definitely an expensive investment, so you should take the extra steps to protect it by getting a case. A case not only provides an extra layer of protection over your screen to prevent any unwanted scratches and marks, but it also acts as a cushion for any unexpected drops and falls that your tablet might experience. And if your case has a foldable cover, then it can also double as a stand that you can use to prop your tablet against.

Power Bank

Power bank

The portability and convenience of a tablet is meant to let you be productive on the go, but you can’t exactly do that when your battery runs out. When everyone is constantly on the go, there’s always somewhere that you have to be. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have the opportunity to charge your tablet at your destination, which is why you should take the uncertainty out of it and just bring an extra battery pack with you everywhere.

Power banks have advanced over time since their first launch in the market. Those that are sold today come in small and sleek designs but still manage to pack a punch with charge capacities of 10,000mAH to even 20,000mAH or more. With power like that in your pocket, you no longer have to worry about your work ending with your battery.

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