3 Reasons To Buy Used Tech

3 Reasons To Buy Used Tech

If you’ve seen the latest and greatest million-dollar advertising campaigns for technology, you may be sitting there thinking “I need that in my life!” and you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that, the advertisements are working on your brain to activate your Fear Of Missing Out response (FOMO).

When it comes to technology and technological innovations, however, the FOMO response just doesn’t cut it as a reason to invest in the newest tech. With innovation at an all-time low, the newest and brightest models of whatever you’re after aren’t that much of an upgrade from the last model, and there aren’t many pieces of tech that can do the one thing everyone needs – longer battery life!

Buying Used

Buying used products doesn’t mean buying well-used and damaged products, most refurbished technology looks almost brand new because someone else has decided to get the latest greatest model and traded in their perfectly good older model instead.

If you’re not sure if you want to consider used apple watches, or a used laptop, there are a number of really good reasons why this is a good idea. What about slightly older models that you know would suit you just fine and should cost less than the new model purely because they’re older? Missing from Apple’s main stores are some of its older yet perfectly good products, especially Mac computers.

Here are our top three reasons why buying used tech could be a smart move:

Latest Doesn’t Mean Greatest

As we discussed above, innovation is at an all-time low in the tech industry. We’re rapidly reaching the peak of our abilities and each new model doesn’t pack the same punch that it once did. For example, the 2018 model MacBook is not that much different spec-wise to the 2020 model, and for most users, they won’t even notice the difference either.

When buying any tech, it’s important to make sure you have got your personal requirements right at the front of your mind. If you’re looking to do heavy work such as video editing then you may need a faster more capable machine, if you’re looking to just browse the internet and answer emails, last year’s model will serve you perfectly well!

You’ll save a small fortune

Added to the fact that older models work just as well, the newest models are super-expensive, whereas an older model (which isn’t that different in specs) will be much more affordable! A brand new Apple Watch will set you back around $499 in the US, but you could pick up a refurbished model for under $170. A huge saving on just a watch, imagine the saving on laptops and smartphones!

Used doesn’t mean ‘used’

Sure, if you buy a piece of used tech from a private seller or somewhere like eBay, it might have that ‘used’ feeling, but buying a refurbished piece of tech means that it’s had an engineer go over it to make sure it’s in fully working order, and it’s been thoroughly cleaned so it doesn’t have that ‘used’ feeling!

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