Do the big names like Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Versace, and Gucci make you swoon? If so, then you probably have dreams of becoming a top-selling designer yourself. And why not? When it comes to the design world, anything goes.

The hard part about making it in the world of clothing design is that you have to put in a ton of hard work, but the competition is fierce.

Just like you, there are literally hundreds of thousands of other blossoming designers all throwing their ideas in the ring. And though you do need a big name to make the fortunes that the previously mentioned designers have, this doesn’t mean that your designs won’t get noticed. 

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the world of clothing design and become a household name in the future, you have to start small. Here, we’ll outline a few simple steps to get you started.

Clothing Labels

If you’re going to be a designer, you’re going to need a label. And your label can’t be just anything that looks familiar, it needs to be unique.

One of the best ways to make a name for yourself is to literally make a name for yourself, and you can do this with Wunderlabel printed labels.

 Printed cotton labels allow you to customize your name or your brand, and have this printed directly onto cotton or other fabrics. These labels you can then sew onto your designs, or however you prefer.

Once you’ve customized your labels, you can then begin the process of marketing your brand. And along these same lines, you may also want to consider adding a logo to your name, as this will become a symbol associated with you and your brand. 

Networking in Person

So you have great designs and a standout logo that you’re happy with. The next step is to get out in the community and start networking with potential buyers and investors. But, how do you do this? 

The answer is simple. You’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone and approach people within the design industry if you ever want to make it in the design world. Without connections like these, you’ll never meet the right contacts that can introduce you to the right people. 

You can start by attending design shows, trade shows, clothing design workshops, conferences, and the like.

Remember to always bring your portfolio along with you just in case you meet someone who wants to view your work, and always keep some physical items with you as well because a picture might speak a thousand words, but the real thing might be the item that seals the deal.

Have a Variety of Samples

While you’re busy working on and creating all of your designs, you need to ensure that you’re diversifying your talents.

While you may absolutely love to make scarfs or blouses for women, keep in mind that there are key fashion items of all varieties.

Men’s collared shirts, formal pants, casual shirts, yoga pants, and many others are just places to start. If you really want to impress the design contacts that you’re able to meet, you need to be able to showcase your skills across a variety of mediums and styles.

Remember, Tommy Hilfiger didn’t just get famous because he had a cool logo. He developed several lines of clothing for both men and women and took his ideas on the road until someone in the design industry noticed his skills.

In the world of design, you can put a pink hat on and call it a day, and people somewhere will buy it, as long as you know the right people and have a great marketing plan. But the key to making a name for yourself lives in putting yourself out there for people to learn your name. And this is all about networking and showing the world what you’ve got.