Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA

Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA

The United States has long been famous for its immense educational endeavors, ranging from top-notch universities to countless research opportunities. As indicated by most of the essay writers, including ones from EssayShark, some cities are superior in terms of overall educational decency. So, let us explain to you why the following five cities are literally the best ones for all students, both domestic and international ones.

New York City

NYC not only ranks high in the annual ratings of the Best Student Cities but it is also a vibrant option for those who are willing to stay there in the aftermath of graduation. As a matter of fact, NYC is among the most colorful, vibrant, and busy places in the US, so it would be difficult to become bored living there. Plus, finding affordable accommodation is made even easier with the availability of furnished apartments for rent in New York which will save you more money in the long run compared to other housing options.

Seeking for ambitious internships? They’re right in front of you. Or maybe top-tier universities and colleges are of interest? New York University, Cornell University, and Columbia University are waiting for you. The only drawback of NYC as a student city is a relatively high price in comparison with other locations in this list. But let’s be honest, countless student-themed part-time jobs exist; trust me, you won’t live on a shoestring budget once you secure one.

Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA


Many people strongly associate Boston with colossal industries and the true power of the city’s economy. But what we want to underline is the presence of top-notch educational affiliations, such as Harvard University, and well-known Massachusetts Institute of Technology aka MIT. So, if you’re looking forward in the direction of the highly acclaimed universities, we commonly advise reviewing Boston more thoroughly.

The city is highly multicultural, which is a good sign of a truly diverse community. As we have pointed out, Boston is among the most powerful towns in terms of economy. The merger of intellectual commitment and dozens of career prospects. What else could be better?

Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA


Chicago is often underestimated as a city perfectly suitable for educational facilities. While this city secures high rankings in terms of being among the best student cities, it also hosts the infamous University of Chicago. Being in the top 10 of American-based educational institutions, this university is highly praised by the employers and the American community as a whole.

What is more important in the context of Chicago is a unique mix of cultures, activities, and local events. If you’re hesitant about what city best suits your entertainment demands, be sure that Chicago theaters, entertainment scenes, and gastronomical events would genuinely fulfill your demands. Speaking of the cost of living, Chicago is known as a city with a relatively lower cost of living compared to other major US cities.

Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA

San Francisco

Oh yeah, here comes San Francisco. It’s one of the best student cities across the US, which is famous for its University of California, Berkeley, and the University of San Francisco School of Nursing and Health Professions. With that unique California vibe, San Francisco best suits the student onboarding because of friendly people and climate; we even say that this city always welcomes you with open arms and a sincere smile!

Speaking of the main reason for us to classify San Francisco as among the best student cities in the US, Silicon Valley is located nearby. Talented and hard-working students based in San Francisco are often invited for an internship or part-time position at one of the numerous technological research companies. If you’re dreaming of getting all the way to Google, Facebook, or Netflix, our advice for you is to settle in San Francisco during your student years.

Top 5 Best Student Cities in the USA

Los Angeles

The city of angels now offers a wide range of educational prospects, which are groundbreaking in comparison with other major US cities. We know that you might choose from dozens of educational affiliations, such as the University of California, University of South California, and California State University Northridge. Not only Los Angeles is rich in terms of universities but also highly entertainment-centered.

While we were taking an exchange program at the University of California, you should have a wonderful experience visiting numerous museums, theaters, and other entertainment centers. Regardless of the costs of living are somewhat high in Los Angeles, the city headquarters dozens of companies, which frequently hire local students. Basically, we are sure that Los Angeles is a unique place for top-notch education and unforgettable entertainment, which might range from Disneyland and Beverly Hills to visits to local galleries and museums.

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