3 Tips For Remodelling Your Office Safely

3 Tips For Remodelling Your Office Safely

Remodeling your office is an exciting prospect. Something must have triggered this renovation, so whether it’s because you’ve seen an increase in sales and staff and therefore need more space or just want a fresh new look, we have some tips to ensure your office transformation is done safely and efficiently.

What  You Want To Achieve

Before you begin your remodelling, ask yourself what you’re aiming for. This is for the safety of your business and staff – you do not want to be wasting money on a refurb for no reason.

Ask yourself:

  • Will it benefit our staff?
  • Will it help us grow as a business?
  • Will this improve the company’s image?

A refurbishment isn’t just necessary to impress new and potential clients, but pleasant office space can increase productivity and mental wellbeing for your staff, which will ultimately have a positive effect on your business.

3 Tips For Remodelling Your Office Safely

Assemble Your Team

All great projects have a solid team behind them to take control and look over the entire operation. This should be a small group made up of decision-makers and people you can trust. If any of the contactors or staff members have any queries, they can come to this team. This group should also take the lead on the safety plan, which will analyse the risks.

Safety Plan

If you are remodelling your office, where are your staff going to work? There are copious health and safety issues which will arise with an office refurbishment. Have your project team make a note of all the risks such as:

  • Trip hazards
  • Air pollution
  • Falling objects
  • Electricity faults.

3 Tips For Remodelling Your Office Safely

Once the plan has been formed, you will need to decide on whether staff will be safe to remain at work. There are some things to consider to allow your business to remain open.

Make Room For The Renovation

f the remodeling is happening in an isolated area of the office, you can store any unused office furniture in container storage for as long as you need. This will free up as much space as possible and remove any trip hazards.

Work From Home 

With isolated remodeling, you can move staff to safe zones while work is being done. However, if you are having work done across the entire office at the same time to get the job done quicker, there may be nowhere for your staff to work. If it is possible, you may want your staff to work from home. While some may see this as an inconvenience, it will mean your business can remain open, the job will be completed quicker and health and safety will not be compromised.

Temporary Office Relocation 

If, however, working from home is not an option, you may want to seek a temporary short-term office space to accommodate your staff. Before doing this, you should weigh up if it will be beneficial for the business. If isolated work can be completed for less than renting a new space, this may be the best option. You will want to keep costs low if you want to see a financial benefit to your remodeling.

When it comes to remodelling your office safely, you want to consider all the risks. Think about the risks to staff and the overall business before making any sudden moves to protect all aspects of the company.


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