3 Underrated Beauty Tips for People of All Ages

3 Underrated Beauty Tips for People of All Ages

Youth is fleeting. We all know that we can’t be a teenager forever. But too many people are resigned to the fact that they are destined to feel bad and look even worse as they grow older.

You probably will get a few grey hairs. A couple of wrinkles will pop up. There might be some mysterious aches in your joints. But your body doesn’t have to break down and start to appear unhealthy.

Sure, genetics and luck do have a role to play in all this. But proper habits and routines will go a long way to keeping you youthful and energetic much longer than you may think possible. And if you target the three following areas, in particular, you really can keep looking much, much better than you think for years and years to come.

1. Avoid Inflammation

Everyone knows that you need to eat properly to really look and feel your best. That’s just Healthy Living 101 at this point. The occasional cheat day won’t kill you. But you should be striving to consume healthy foods 80% to 90% of the time. That will provide the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals you need to keep your skin and whole body in top operating condition.

But in addition to eating the right things, you should also work to avoid the bad stuff. More and more, people are discovering that it really pays off to avoid inflammatory foods in particular. Not only does this help your overall health, but it will keep you from looking puffy and bloated in the face.

Some inflammatory foods are almost universal and obvious to avoid. Fried dishes, sweets, and alcohol are big culprits. But one-time “healthy fat alternatives,” namely vegetable and seed oils, are proving to be are lesser-known problems. Then, depending upon the individual, dairy, gluten, and other allergy-causing foods may trigger a big inflammatory response in certain people. Your mission should be to figure out which items don’t agree with you — and avoid them.

2. Practice Resistance Training

Everybody wants to stay fit and look better. For most people, this means trying to keep the pounds off through diet and cardio. While there is nothing wrong with those methods, you should also work in some kind of resistance training.

Especially as you age, it becomes harder to maintain muscle. Some people’s guts stop digesting protein well, their body starts searching for amino acids in their frame, and — even before retirement age — they become frail and start to cannibalize their own protein stores.

Many studies show that maintaining a healthy level of muscle mass not only makes us look better but can play a role in better metabolism and even immune system function. You don’t necessarily need to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger, but try lifting a few weights rather than just focusing on getting skinny.

3. Prioritize Skin Protection

Too much time in the sun can really do a number on your skin. This is something your parents have been telling you since you were a kid. While some time outdoors is healthy (you do need that vitamin D), burns can really do major damage. And too much time under UV rays can lead to wrinkles.

Because your face is especially sensitive, you need to protect it with sunblock, hats, and just being smart about exposure levels. But beyond staying safe and moderating your time in direct sunlight, you should also be proactive — no matter your age — with helpful products like a dark spot remover for your face. This is one way to minimize the ageing effect and maintain that youthful glow.

Looking Your Best at Any Age

Have you ever met someone who told you he or she was 55 years old and you couldn’t believe it? Usually, you just assume they won the genetic lottery. That may play a role. But almost anyone can slow down the visible effects of the ageing process through good living.

Diet and avoiding stress are important. But some people overlook the other factors that can play a big difference. Do your best to avoid inflammation, engage in some resistance training to build muscle, and start protecting your skin.

If you actually put in some effort, it really will work. You just need to make sure you’re focusing on the right areas rather than fad diets and gimmicks. Do the things that actually pay off and you will look your best much longer than you ever thought possible.


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