If you’re thinking of having a hair transplant, there’s never been a better time. The surgery has improved over the past few years, the results are better than ever, and celebrity endorsements have made any stigma a thing of the past! Of course, the results you get can vary but, in general, if you choose a good clinic like Mittal Hair Clinic, you can expect a successful, simple hair transplant.

One hot-spot that’s full of hair transplant clinics is London, where more and more men and women have been putting a stop to their hair loss. But why is this the place to be for transplants, and should you prioritise the big city over other locations? Here’s what you need to know.

A World-Class Reputation

There’s no doubt that London has established itself as a hub for quality treatments. The capital is home to some of the most established hair transplant surgeons around the globe, bringing with them a glowing reputation that’s creating a hair transplant buzz in the city. The clinics that these surgeons work at have achieved internationally recognised excellence, so why go anywhere else? With a procedure as important as a hair transplant, it’s vital you get the best, and London is the place to get it.

High Health Standards

The reputation of an FUE hair transplant in London isn’t just about world-class surgeons. It’s also a reflection of the high standards of health and safety that we hold here in the UK. There are strict rules and regulations that hair transplant practices must follow to make sure they work within the law. These are designed to keep you safe from harm and ensure a successful, risk-free transplant.

Unfortunately, not all countries have these tight regulations in place. So, by opting to have a hair transplant in another country you could be sacrificing this safety net of rules and putting your health in danger. Although hair transplants are a safe procedure, there are always things that can go wrong if they’re not carried out correctly.

Skip the Travel

Aside from the quality of hair transplants in the city, another reason that London’s transplant figures are booming is down to Coronavirus. The pandemic has put our nation – and many others – on hold, with travel bans and restrictions in place for almost all of the year. This is because it just isn’t as safe to travel as it used to be, and citizens of the UK are being encouraged to stay closer to home.

So, if someone’s looking for a hair transplant and they live in England, they’re going to be far less likely to go abroad. The closest hub of quality hair transplant practices will be London, driving more people to the city to get their full head of hair back.

Work From Home Whilst You Recover

Around 24% of the UK’s population is currently working from home because of Covid-19. That’s a whole lot higher than it used to be! With more people working from home, the opportunity to have a hair transplant is suddenly a lot more realistic to a large chunk of the population. Rather than having to book time off work from recovery, you can simply work from home and let your skin heal. This means you won’t lose any money and can use your precious holiday days for something fun instead. With this incentive, it’s no surprise London is seeing more men having FUE hair transplants!

The Celebrity Stamp of Approval

Another reason for the rise in popularity of hair transplants in the city is because of celebrities. We live in the age of the influencer, and if celebrities are saying yes to hair transplants, the rest of us will soon follow suit. The fact the celebrities have endorsed hair transplants has massively reduced their stigma and made men more comfortable having them done.

There are plenty of reasons why London is becoming the go-to spot for FUE hair transplants. From the excellent surgeons and high standards of safety to the drop in travel and lack of stigma, it’s not really a surprise that the city would see a rise in men seeking hair transplants. This popularity isn’t set to subside any time soon, either, so if you’re ready for an FUE hair transplant, why not look to London?