Many people love to ride on their skateboards today because it is fun. If you use your skateboard regularly, you will need a backpack to go with it. Not everyone knows that there are backpacks designed to hold skateboards. But here we are to tell you that yes, they exist, and yes, you need one.

The best backpacks usually have enough space to hold your skateboard and other essentials like your mobile devices, chargers, wristwatch, purses, etc. You won’t need extra luggage or a carrier when you have a skateboard backpack. We will be looking at some of the best ways to pick the right skateboard backpack in this article.

Why You Need To Use The Right Skateboard Backpack

If you are carrying your skateboard around, you also have other personal effects that you need to take along with you. You should get the right backpack for carrying your electric skateboard so you can also take everything you need on your trip and avoid extra luggage. There are lots of brands that offer backpacks for skateboards, but it is difficult finding the best.

Tips For Choosing The Best Skateboard Backpack

  1. Lots of Extra Storage Space

Before investing in any backpack for your skateboard, you should check that the product has a large interior compartment. The storage compartment should easily fit a laptop that is up to 15 inches. It should also have extra pockets where you can keep your other essentials. If it has multiple storage pockets, you can use it as a primary carrier, and you won’t need an additional bag when going out. It should have at least two side pockets where you can keep extra items like your water bottle and drinks.

  1. Get One With A Sturdy Design

Another feature to look out for when buying your skateboard backpack is its entire design. You can examine the straps to see that they are strong and will last. The straps of the backpack will be carrying the weight of the load, and it has to be very strong. The shoulder straps should be comfortably padded so they won’t hurt your shoulders when carrying the backpack. The straps should be easily adjustable for your comfort. Also, the backpack should be made from a high-quality material like polyester.

  1. It Should Be Water-Resistant or Leak Proof

You should get a backpack that can protect your valuables. Since you will keep other items along with your skateboard, getting a water-resistant backpack is important. Some models claim to be water-resistant but are not. It is important you check reviews to confirm that the waterproof feature works before buying it.

  1. It Should Have Safety Features

The best skateboard backpacks normally come with a lockable zipper. Since you will be keeping your valuables in the backpack, you also want to ensure that you are getting a safe option.  The lockable feature is one of the newest innovations company’s have included in their product.


There are many features you will find in skateboard backpacks, but these basic ones are the most important. Some skaters will prefer vibrant coloured backpacks or even backpacks with special qualities like built-in USB cables to charge their mobile phones. You should get what suits your needs but also remember to choose quality first.