When riding your bike, nothing is more important than safety. However, even the most cautious riders get into accidents. Knowing what to do in case of accidents is paramount. If you have been in a bike accident on the road, it is only natural to panic. 

Indeed, the things you do right after an accident can have a significant effect on your case. If you stay calm, you can increase your likelihood of getting the compensation you deserve. Here are a few tips to keep in mind after suffering a bike accident. 

Contact the Police

After your bike accident, call the police and wait for them to arrive. Leaving the scene of the accident without reporting is an offence. It may affect your chances of getting compensation. If a motorist is involved in the accident, you may have trouble finding them later. Wait for the police, even if you don’t think you’re injured. Most bikers don’t realize how much they are injured in an accident until days or weeks later. 

 When the police arrive, ensure that they take your report. Some of them may be more interested in the motorist’s version of events than yours. Your claim will suffer if your statement of what happened isn’t included in the report. If you can’t have your report included at the accident scene, you can request for it to be modified later. In whatever case, take the accident report number. 

Don’t Talk Too Much

Avoid negotiating or talking too much with the driver. If you get into a negotiation, you may admit fault or fall for their apologies. Remember that you don’t know the true extent of your property damage or injuries right after the accident. It is easy to say something that you’ll regret later. 

Gather Evidence

Take the motorist’s information, including their name, license plate number, license number, and insurance policy number. Write down the make and model of their car and take photos and videos of all injuries and damages to your bike. If there were any witnesses, take their names and contact information. Ask them to write an account of what happened. 

 It would be wise to get as much about the accident as possible. Remember when, how, and where it happened. What were the roads and weather conditions? If you can, draw a diagram indicating how things happened and the positions of all involved. 

Contact an Attorney

Always bring in a professional to help with your case after a road accident. They will help you gather evidence and contact your insurance provider. The other party’s insurance companies will pay attention to whatever you say and may possibly use it against you later. A good bicycle accident attorney will represent your interests and ensure that you get all the compensation you deserve. 

Common Causes of Bike Accidents

The most common causes of bike accidents include distracted driving, speeding, turning without looking, and impaired driving. If you get into an accident with a motorist, knowing the cause makes it easy to hold the driver accountable. You should be able to prove that the accident was a result of their negligence. Proof that you were hit is important, but it isn’t enough to put the driver at fault. 

If you are a bicyclist, you are at a more considerable risk of injury than other road users after an accident. However, your rights and responsibilities are similar to what other motor vehicles and drivers enjoy. Other road users have the obligation of respecting your rights on the road. If they do not, and you suffer injuries or property damage in return, you are entitled to compensation. Your lawyer should help you get the compensation you deserve.