4 Tips to Choose a Wedding Band Ring

4 Tips to Choose a Wedding Band Ring

Your big day is fast approaching, and it’s time to search for your own wedding band. Some brides prefer to surprise their husbands-to-be on the day itself, but your fiancée may want your inputs about your wedding band. Getting involved in selecting your ring makes the process more significant for both you and your wife-to-be.

Here are guidelines you can follow when you selecting your wedding band ring:

1. Determine your budget

 Before you even go around searching for rings, settle on how much you’re willing to spend for your wedding band. Be practical, and have a concrete amount or price range in mind already. This will facilitate the selection process, and you won’t make the mistake of wanting a ring that is too expensive for you. For a wide variety of rings options that accommodate your budget, browse through the wedding bands by Manly Bands.

Here are a few tips for determining your budget.

  • There are no hard and fast rules about how much you should set aside for your own wedding band, although some jewellers would suggest saving about ⅔ of the amount you spent for your bride’s engagement ring.
  • Another suggestion is to look at your whole budget for your wedding and see if you can stretch it or cut back on some expenses so you can have a bigger budget for your wedding band.
  • If, however, you personally prefer a simple wedding band, don’t pressure yourself into spending for a more ornate one. The perfect wedding band, after all, is the one that suits your taste and personality.

4 Tips to Choose a Wedding Band Ring

2. Choose the metal that will suit your lifestyle

 You’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day, so it’s important to take your daily activities into account. If you have a job that involves a lot of manual work or you play sports regularly, select a metal that is hardy and durable enough to withstand scratching, handling work and sports equipment, and lifting rough and heavy objects. Check out the following metals that are commonly used for wedding rings nowadays:


If you want an affordable metal, silver is an option. It’s a popular choice for many grooms as it looks classy and not too flashy. However, silver is not a strong metal, and it will discolour in a year or two. If you have the budget for it, other metals may be perfect for you.


Gold is the most common choice for a wedding band metal. It’s durable and reasonably priced. Gold comes in three colours: yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is a timeless colour but is more eye-catching than the other colours. White gold gives a modern look and is not as flashy as yellow gold. Check for allergies though, as white gold contains nickel, manganese, or palladium. If you’re allergic to nickel, in particular, you have to choose another metal for your ring. Surprisingly, rose gold is a metal that is becoming a popular choice among men nowadays. Rose gold is made out of a combination of gold and copper. If you want a unique wedding band, choose rose gold.


The most expensive metal is platinum. It’s highly durable and dense, so platinum rings are heavier than gold or silver. Try on platinum rings, and see if you’ll be comfortable wearing a heavy band. Platinum wedding bands are perfect if you do a lot of manual work or lead a rugged lifestyle. Moreover, platinum is hypoallergenic. If your skin is sensitive, it’d be worth it to spend for platinum.


Titanium is another metal that’s durable. It’s lightweight and hypoallergenic but four to five times cheaper than platinum. It’s a wonderful and elegant alternative to a wedding band.

Rose Gold

A metal that’s growing in popularity is rose gold wedding bands. Although the rose gold colour is achieved by plating another metal, rose gold is generally considered a metal you can shop by on most men’s wedding ring stores. Just make sure the inner metal is a quality metal like Titanium, Silver, or Gold so your rose gold ring lasts for a lifetime.

Or if you want to look at some completely different materials like Tungsten, Wood Inlay, Opal Inlay or Carbon Fiber rings check out The Artisan Rings.

3. Find the perfect fit and width

Because you’ll be wearing your wedding ring every day, buy a ring that you can wear comfortably. There are two kinds of ring fit for you to consider.

  • The traditional fit is characterized by a flat interior. Try on rings that have a traditional fit, and see if you can wear this type regularly.
  • The comfort fit is characterized by a domed interior. Such rings will fit securely on your finger.

To find the ring that fits you best, try both kinds of ring fit. Doing so will help you make the best choice.

There are also a variety of widths that you have to choose from. Ring widths range from 2 mm all the way up to 9 mm.  While there are no strict rules with wedding bands, you may want to opt for wide rings if you have big fingers. If your fingers are slim and long, thin wedding bands may look better on you. Again, try on rings of varying widths so that you know exactly what you prefer.

4. Decide on the design

 The ring design is essential. Here are some tips to guide you in your decision.

  • Usually, the wedding bands of the bride and groom are identical or matching. Check with your fiancee if she has a preference or wish.
  • Discuss whether you both want identical rings. If not, you may want to choose a design that complements your fiancee’s wedding band but isn’t identical.
  • If you’re more creative, you may choose a design that’s totally unique and independent of your partner’s wedding band.
  • Remember, it’s important to select a ring design that you’d love to wear all the time.

4 Tips to Choose a Wedding Band Ring


Choosing your very own wedding band is as exciting as selecting your girlfriend’s engagement and wedding rings. Set aside about two months prior to your wedding for purchasing your ring. Make sure you have sufficient time for visiting a variety of jewellery suppliers and shops so that you have a wide variety of options before you make your final choice. Doing a thorough survey of available rings will ensure you select a wedding band you’ll look forward to wearing all the time.

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