College is an exciting experience. You will most likely go to colleges somewhere between now and the rest of your life. Your goal for attending classes has to do with the course you love to pursue your future career. Most importantly, you have to go to college multiple times a week, and you need a mode of transportation.

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The best mode is the car, practical, cheap, reliable and stylish. A brand new car can engulf your monthly saving, while a used car is the best option for college students to start with. Vehicle depreciates by a colossal margin every year.

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Nonetheless, here is a comprehensive list of the best cars for male college students.

1. Ford Fiesta

College students generally need a stylish car, gives good mileage and comes at a lower price. Ford Fiesta is the exact replication of their admirable choice.

Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car in the globe for many-many years. Ford Fiesta 2021 is in its seventh, and inevitably the competition is more formidable than before. By the class standard, the Ford Fiesta design is pretty impressive. It has a promisingly hard plastic covering in the interior, and the infotainment screen is fairly better than cars available in the same range.

Ford Fiesta

Ford has decent reliability, and the Fiesta comes with a warranty covering it for three years or 60,000 miles. It comes with safety features like airbags and Lane Keeping Assistance. It should give college students peace of mind even if anything unfortunate happens.

Ford Fiesta is performance-focused making it an impressive hatch of the car. The 1498 displacement engine can produce 89.75BHP@3750 RPM and a max torque of 204Nm@2000RPM.  The Ford Fiesta’s base price starts at $11,815 and ranges to $19,594 for the top variant.

2. Subaru Legacy

Sedans are not selling as much they used to do, but the Subaru Legacy is holding its Legacy. Subaru Legacy offers standard all-wheel drive, turbo-engine, and more technology and safety features, making the best deal for college students.

Calling a Legacy’s design a conservative Sedan would probably be an understatement. The interior, and the exterior of the car, feel mainstream. The materials on the interior feel very nice with leather finishes. When you sit in the Legacy’s driver’s seat, the first thing you will notice is comfort. It’s an air-cooled and self-heating seat, making it an excellent car for touring. The infotainment screen caches your eyes straight as it is massive and powers more features than its competitors.

Subaru Legacy

The 2498 displacement engine of Subaru Legacy can produce Horsepower of 182BHP@5800RPM and torque of 176Nm@4400RPM. The standard engine has 16 valves in it. The all-new 2021 Subaru Legacy starts at $23,820.

3. Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet Sonic is a beautiful sports sedan. The Sonic is not a very expensive car and comes pretty well-equipped. The interior has enough space to throw a couple of studying materials. Another impressive thing to notice is, the Chevy has got motorcycle-thing going on all around, from the headlights to the dashboard. Moreover, it has a nice interior, cohesive handling, and good throttle.

The Chevrolet Sonic has a base 1.8 Liter capacity with 198 horsepower. The six-gear automatic driving mode is pretty reasonable if you are a college student looking to buy a car. The expected mileage of the Sonic is 26-34MPG. Considering all the facts and numbers, it is a perfectly adequate car costing you $16,720.

Chevrolet Sonic

4. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is an iconic sight on the road. It can take you to places where other cars cannot reach. It even can be turned into a convertible when the sun comes out. Any student who lives remotely from his college would instantly prefer Jeep Wrangler to Sonic and Fiesta.

It’s not an average Wrangler we used to see in past days, and the 2020 model is the rougher and tougher version of it. It has lots of off-road kicks thrown at it. If you look closely, the Jeep Wrangler’s interior and exterior design makes it look fit for any road. The interior has lots of soft-touch materials, and they are washable. The whole thing you see in the wrangler is a massive leap forward.

Jeep Wrangler

Surprisingly the Jeep Wrangler is a practical car to live with if you go for a 4-door model.  Wrangler’s regular intercooled Turbo Premium engine can produce a maximum Horsepower of 270BHP@5250RPM and maximum torque of 295Nm@3000RPM. The base variant of the Wrangler starts at $28,895.

5. Honda Fit

Honda obviously takes their compact car market very seriously, considering the enhancement they’ve made to their Honda Fit. The Honda Fit looks sportier, bolder, and has a more distinguished exterior. The aerodynamics on Honda cars has definitely improved in past years, and Honda Fit takes it to another level.

With the five-door hatchback style, you have plenty of room for study materials in the back. The 2015 Honda Fit is a much-appreciated model as Honda has added so much to this vehicle to bring speed with so many subcompact competitors. The rest mode on the Honda Fit might interest college students, as they can have their food while relaxing in the car.

Honda Fit

You just don’t get navigation in Honda fit; it features automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. The four-cylinder engine in the Honda Fit can produce 130 horsepower with six-manual transmission mode. The car starts at $16,190.

All of the technology and economic factors are essential to consider while a college student buys a car. Surprisingly, there are just good enough cars available in the market targeted to the students. The one which gives better mileage and has more extended insurance premiums is our recommendation.