When it comes to independence and mobility, good footwear is the key to being comfortable and mobile. If your feet don’t feel good, that can be a genuine inconvenience. Achy, sore, and tired feet can ruin your day or interfere with your daily activities.

Most of the time, when visiting fashion magazines and sites, they will feature an excellent quality shoe, but that may not suit your needs. Before purchasing a trendy shoe, like handcrafted Italian dress shoes , think about its effect on your overall health. Here’s a quick guide to improve your feet ‘ health.

Why Is It Important To Wear Proper Footwear?

Most shoe buyers base their purchase decision on aesthetics and brands rather than the feet’s health. However, high-quality footwear plays a vital part in improving your overall health. Search no more as bestformyfeet.com is a great place to find quality information related to footwear and foot care that serves as your best guide when searching for the perfect shoes.

Wearing an excellent quality shoe is essential since the feet carry our bodies’ weight throughout the day. Shoe quality differs based on materials used for manufacture. For instance, leather is a comfortable, breathable, and natural material that lets you sweat and breathe normally and fight bacterial growth.

Following are some of the benefits you’ll receive from investing in a quality shoe:

It reduces discomfort and various problems

Understanding your foot health can help you improve your decision-making when purchasing a new shoe. For instance, your feet tend to get more expansive in the day. If you’ll wear narrow footwear, this can cause deformities on your toes from pressure and rubbing.

If you invest in a good quality shoe, you are also protecting your feet and preventing potential problems and discomfort. A high-quality shoe material can help prevent inflammation and possible friction with frequent wearing.

It helps regulate moisture from your foot

If you commute or go to the office every day, chances are your feet are always locked on your shoes. If your footwear is not well-ventilated, this can trap moisture, affecting your health and confidence.

Leather material footwear, for instance, is breathable and helps absorb humidity. High-quality footwear has the best capability to absorb moisture. To help you find the best quality footwear, you’ll need to check the materials used for manufacturing it.

It’s vital to keep footwear with comparable wooden shoe materials. Wood has a hygroscopic property which helps absorb moisture from the surrounding and regulates humidity. Wood also cleans nature as it maintains excellent humidity levels of around 40 to 60%.

Aside from that, it also reduces allergic reactions and risks infections with bacteria and mite occurrences.

It prevents foot odour build-up

Synthetics make it hard for your feet to breathe, resulting in the proliferation of microorganisms, bacteria, or fungi that causes foot odour. Poor-quality footwear can lead to foul foot odour.

It allows you to save more

Another benefit worth noting with high-quality shoes is that they last for years compared to low-quality footwear. Besides that, maintaining your shoes by adequately cleaning, protecting, and hydrated can increase shoe longevity.

For several instances, you’ll need to frequently wear high heels and try to give your feet some break. Allow your shoes and feet to breathe; if you have several pairs of shoes, wear them alternatively. Prevent wearing the same shoes within two consecutive days.

This will extend your shoe life and improve foot health. With a shoe that maintains its quality means you’ll also be saving money from frequently buying new pairs.

What To Look For When Buying Good Shoes?

Wearing good-quality footwear is one of the best ways to improve your overall health. Once you are comfortable with what you wear, you may find that you are more productive and happier.

Poorly designed and low-quality footwear is the significant cause of unhealthy feet. You may not notice yet, but this can also harm your feet moving forward. Having aches and discomfort on your feet can cause muscle spasms, back pain, breaking down of spinal disks, joint issues, headache, and more.

Here’s what to look for when searching for good shoes:


Regardless of what footwear you are wearing, as long as it’s made of high-quality materials, this will elevate comfort and your overall foot health. Consider your shoes as an investment in your health. Besides, high-quality shoes tend to last longer compared to cheaper ones.


The perfectly fit footwear can prevent discomfort and other foot issues. If you’ll need to shop for a new shoe, test it first by walking or running around and check how they feel when moving. Check if there is enough space for your toes to move or if it won’t pinch or rub your feet.


High-quality footwear should have fixed or flexible heel midsoles and heel cups. This supports your foot remarkably well and assists in promoting healthy alignment of your entire body. While most people purchased flashy or trendy aesthetics, the trick is to reduce the amount of time you’ll wear your stylishly fashionable cute shoes and transition for comfort as much as possible.


It is essential to invest in good quality shoes to improve foot health. Once you can deal with your feet’ needs more effectively, you’ll see a significant difference in your quality of life, independence, and mobility.