A man cave is a sacred space and a sanctuary for men that want to get away from the daily humdrum of life and indulge in hobbies or hang out with their friends. Most man caves or manspaces more or less look alike. You have your standard television, a couple of comfy bean bags, your Xbox and maybe even a cool pool table. But why keep it boring and predictable when you can spruce up the décor and really make it your safe haven?

There are lots of cool man cave ideas and products available that will not only enhance your masculinity but even set it apart from your friends’ man caves. Forget the classic bean bag and pool table. Here’s a list of gadgets and furniture you should use to decorate your man cave and make it truly awesome:

EdgeStar Ultra Low-Temp Kegerator

Switch that dull fridge for a seriously cool full-sized kegerator and beer cooler. The EdgeStar Kegerator and beer cooler is a full-sized one that keeps beer cool to temperatures as low as the 30s to mid-40s degrees Fahrenheit. Which means you can keep your Heineken as cold as you want while watching the semi-finales. It’s also one of the coldest kegerators in the market today.

Additionally, the EdgeStar Kegerator is equipped with dual integrated drip trays which minimizes spills and eliminates the need to clean those pesky trickles of condensation.

It holds the standard half kegs and comes with a one-year warranty and it comes with everything. You just need to put the barrel inside. Up your beer game and kiss those cans and bottles goodbye by purchasing it here.

Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Fridge

If you’re not a fan of kegerators, why not buy a mini-fridge to keep your liquor chilled? If you’re a Star Wars fan, this Dark Vader mini-fridge, which can be plugged into your car as well, is a must-have. This is also a good bargain if you have space constraints in your man cave or cannot afford a kegerator right now.

Get it here and let the force be in your manspace.

The Turbo XL700 by Octane Seating

Forget those over-sized bean bags and that dull couch. They really don’t give the feeling of stepping into a home theatre – but a three-seater reclining leather unit certainly will.

The plush three-seater recliner has everything you dreamed of while watching that important baseball match – A place to put your feet up, luxurious upholstered arms and cup holders and there’s a string of LED lights illuminating the bottom. The middle seat reclines too.

Investing in a good reclining leather chair will take the comfort level up a notch. It’s perhaps one of the most essential man cave products in the market.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

You’ve invested in a super comfy recliner and added a cool beer cooler but no man cave is complete without a really good TV. Those Manchester United football matches will look so much better on a big screen TV. Unfortunately, sometimes you could be faced with a lack of space. Which means, fitting in a large television can be difficult.

However, there is a solution to this problem: The Samsung 4K Ultra HD television. You can even buy a curved one or a standard rectangular one depending on how much space you can work with. Moreover, the viewing distance doesn’t matter with 4K Ultra HD TVs. Fit it in your wall and get the viewing experience you’ve always dreamed of.

The 4K Ultra HD uses High Dynamic Range or HDR picture to significantly boost clarity. It also comes with a smart TV user-interface and a smart remote controller equipped with voice navigation capabilities. Get more information on this swanky TV here.

Logitech Harmony Home Control

Ideally, you shouldn’t move a muscle while spending time with your buddies in your sanctuary or watching your favourite game. The good news is that this ideal can become a reality with the Logitech Harmony Home Control. This smart remote control enables you to use your phone to operate your devices and we mean all your devices. Be it your TV, Xbox, Blu-ray, Apple TV, Wii, Roku, Sonos or Philips Hue lights – this piece of device works with more than a whopping 270,000 devices.

You can control your entertainment system through an app on your smartphone or set it up on your computer. It has a simple setup process. Create custom schedules or simply say “goodnight” to dim the lights. The Logitech harmony home control is worth having. Buy it here.

Of course, there are a variety of man cave products to choose from. It’s time to customize your space and make it a place that reflects your personality, style and comfort.