Why would you consider installing outdoor blinds? Blinds have a number of different benefits. Adding them to your space can help keep the look of your home modern and stylish. Blinds can be added both to the inside, and the outside of your home.

And there are so many options to consider for your Melbourne home! Shop around for some of the best outdoor blinds Melbourne has to offer. In today’s article, we are going to explore the reasons and look at what you should consider, before making the purchase.

Number One Reasons for Blinds – Create More Living Space

In the hotter summer months, you may want to spend more time outdoors. But the harsh sunlight and heat may make this an uncomfortable experience. By installing outdoor blinds, you can protect yourself and your furniture from harsh weather.

Installing outdoor blinds will help you increase your outdoor living space. Having outdoor blinds allows you to have an outdoor space that is completely protected from the elements. Come rain or shine, outdoor blinds will have you covered.

A great feature of outdoor blinds is the fact that they are a temporary barrier. It’s easy to open them and roll them out of the way when necessary. This customizable feature is one of the main benefits of outdoor blinds. Blinds can be operated by using a rope and pulley system, or they can be motorised for added convenience.

Buying Blinds? Ask Yourself These Questions for Smart Shopping

Before you decide to purchase outdoor blinds for your home or business, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Is the area that you want to add blinds too, very open, affected by the wind or other elements?
  • Are you trying to create a shady area?
  • Do you need to protect outdoor furniture?
  • Will enclosing the area give you more use out of it?
  • Do you prefer manual or motorised blinds?
  • What kind of material do you prefer?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to determine the type of outdoor blinds you need.

Types of Outdoor Blinds

The most popular types of outdoor blinds include:

  • Slidetrack blinds: This type of blind is spring-loaded and runs on tracks situated on both sides of the blind. This prevents the blinds from flapping in the wind. It also makes them very easy to operate.
  • Crank blinds: By using a crank handle you can adjust the height of the blinds or roll them away out of sight completely. The roller handle allows you to control up to four blinds simultaneously. This makes them a perfect solution for businesses.
  • Rope and pully: This features an acrylic sash cord, an adjustable strap, and a strap adapter. These are the least expensive types of blinds and are operated completely by hand. Adjust them by pulling on the rope.

Helpful Tip – Consider PVC Outdoor Blind Fabric

PVC is not only for pipes. When deciding on the type of material to use, consider the benefits of PVC for blinds. Not only is this a cost-effective material, but it’s also a less porous fabric. This makes it more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Other amazing benefits are that PVC material is fire resistant, fade resistant and protects against harmful UV rays.

Making the Most of Blinds

When shade cloth, arguably, the first kind of outdoor blinds came into the picture, your choices were extremely limited. They came out in only one type of material and your colour options were green, green, or green!

These days, however, you are spoilt for choice. Blinds come in a variety of materials. They can be customized to suit just about any colour scheme and are a great way to add interest and a stylish element of design to your home.

If you want to add outdoor blinds to your business, they can be printed with your logo which will aid in advertising and draw people in.

The Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

As mentioned before, installing outdoor blinds has several benefits. Some of these apply to most households, making them excellent investments!

  • Installing exterior blinds to your windows will help maintain indoor temperatures, so you increase energy efficiency.
  • You get protection from the elements when sitting outside.
  • Protect outdoor furnishings and increase your space for storing furniture.
  • Keep bugs such as flies, mosquitos and bugs away.
  • Increase your level of privacy.
  • You will be able to entertain all year round, no matter what the weather.
  • They add value to your home, so you can increase your sale price.

This makes them ideal for homeowners, hotels, as restaurant screens and corporate buildings.

Outdoor blinds don’t need to be an expensive addition to your home. There are options to suit any budget.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many benefits to adding outdoor blinds to your home—or business property. They are customizable and provide a quality finish to any outdoor living space. Make the next property upgrade a wise investment!