Who says only women keep updated themselves with new fashion trends? Today’s sophisticated men love to experiment and ride the fashion bandwagon. But sometimes, they make some momentous fashion blunders because of their blissful unawareness. But keep in mind that your fashion blunders can sometimes affect your career or love life as well. So in this summer, shun these silly slip-ups before they become pesky.

1. Avoid Shorts with the Wrong Length

short with wrong length

Shorts look cool on hot summer days.  But don’t forget to stick your attention to the details. Apart from a tailored fit, you need to concentrate on the length that should not go below your knee. Otherwise, it will look lumpy and frivolous. Men’s Shorts are perfect for barbecuing in the backyard stylishly or riding the waves like a pro only if you can blend your fashion sense with this classic perfectly.

If you don’t want to carry an extra bag for your pieces of stuff, you can justify your need by choosing stylish Cargo shorts. These multiple pocketed shorts impress onlookers with their funky look. It will never go out of trend.

2. Ditch those long socks with shorts

sticking to long socks with shorts

Sophisticated office goers, as well as fitness freaks, often inquire about socks with shorts rules as fashion is a complicated conundrum for men. Let’s keep it simple. Getting sockless is the new fashion rule, especially if you are going out in shorts. Pairing long socks with pants is cool as pants will cover it up. But slacks don’t fit in this rule because you have nothing to hide with shorts.

On the other hand, shorts without socks make you stylish and let your feet breathe on those hot summer days when running, cycling, or hiking.

Yes, indeed, neutral-coloured tube socks compliment your shorts without drawing too much attention to your feet. On the other hand, no-show socks are also acceptable options only if you shun the blisters by pairing them with the right kind of shoes. But shorts without socks convert you into a street stunner on those long summer days.

3. Choosing too short sleeve

choosing too short sleeve

Updating wardrobe with stylish t-shirts with mystical hues is a favourite style pick for today’s men. They usually fall in love with its comfortability and look. Apart from that, how can we forget the famous necklines? V-neck holds a special place in every man’s heart. That is why designers try to bring multiple designs of your favourite t-shirts to the table.

But while choosing a must-have item, don’t forget to minutely concentrate on its sleeves apart from its luxury construction and stylish neckline. Short sleeves look good with muscular biceps. But arms without solid muscle should stick to the sleeves that at least cover your muscle area and sit perfectly in your upper hand.

4. Not paying enough attention to shoes

not paying enough attention to shoes

Don’t miss this amazing season to do some foot job by updating your shoe game. Men usually get down to the overall look but never pay attention to their shoes. Summer is a perfect time when you can plump for casual dress shoes out of many styles. These lightweight classics give your feet a free space to breathe. Say no to shocks this time.

Never put on anything impulsively like leather boots without giving it a second thought. It can completely ruin your street stunner look. If you are hovering around your home, you can put on slip-on or leather sandals. But going outside on occasion wearing this footwear is not cool.

5. Wearing jeans too often

wearing jeans too often

Are you feeling guilty about wearing jeans too often in summer? Well, you should be. Yes, we understand that this is the de facto king of legwear, but that doesn’t mean you always have to put up with this tight, thick unbreathable fabric. After all, your legs are not a sauna that always has to sweat for style, isn’t it?

So on this summer, let them breathe with light woollen trousers with a silky texture that are stylish and sophisticated as well. If you are going to a beach, you can opt for a luxury fabric like linen to complement your soft tan skin. Apart from that don’t forget about the stunners like shorts, joggers, or other lightweight trousers that give you company throughout the year.

High Alert: Don’t forget to catch up on these fashion tips

  1. Stay Cool in high-end Summer Weddings with a Linen Suit
  2. Always Carry a Handkerchief to avoid excessive sweat and sticky heat
  3. Invest in a dry-fit, easy to wash T-shirts for gym activities
  4. Use stunners crafted from cotton blended with polyester to eliminate uncomfortable skin rubbing and itching irritation
  5. Let’s have some fun with bright colours and prints
  6. Update your summer style game with a stylish watch with a canvas strap
  7. Wearing the same shirt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is unbecoming
  8. Just one layer of polish can make your shoes as good as new
  9. Choosing the same coloured shoes and belt is the safest way to look cool and sophisticated
  10. The length of your tie should be around 60 inches if you are tall enough and 56 inches if you are a medium height person

If you start working on your wardrobe and add some latest trendy clothes, your style game will change completely. It will illustrate your fashion sense to the onlookers on your behalf. But at the same time, you have to shun these common fashion blunders like a pro by following these simple tips to stand out from the crowd. 

While shorts and casual t-shirts can prove to be a game-changer for you, a small mistake like the length of your shorts or sleeves can instantly turn into a disaster. So this time, don’t hesitate to experiment with your creativity and forget those dull, monotonous denim pieces for an everyday look. Let’s surprise everyone with your casual style and stay on trend with utmost comfortability.