When it comes to masculinity, it’s an incredibly tetchy subject. There are many things men wouldn’t try or take up in order to not appear feminine. There’s a real stigma on some aspects of life that need removing. We’re in 2021 and everything is one the cards. But what are the things many men still feel are a little bit “girly” when they really shouldn’t? We chart five of the biggest things men should start enjoying today without any fear whatsoever.


Bingo has really come to the forefront of things to enjoy over the last year or so. Offline, the likes of Bongos Bingo have welcomed thousands to nightclubs and theatres across the country, with plenty of men getting involved. But when it comes to visiting bingo halls or playing online, some men still feel a little uncomfortable with it.

In fact, online bingo is welcoming more and more men to their communities and you’ll find some of the most vibrant and engaging chat rooms and spaces to enjoy online. Bingo apps especially are ideal for when you’ve got a spare bit of time or for the commute to work. You’ll find the time it takes to play depends on a number of factors, including the variant you wish to play, but with so many different variants, there’s always some form for you to enjoy.



The broadening of the men’s skincare industry has been an important factor in encouraging us blokes to look after our skin a little more, but still many are not taking them up. We can be pretty bad at looking after our skin, often skipping the sunscreen or not washing properly after exercise. This all leads to unhealthy skin so it’s important to rectify that.

facescrub for men exfoliators 

Moisturising daily should be a part of more people’s routine, with tons of great products to suit all budgets. The likes of Kiehl’s Age Defender Gel and Aesop’s Protective Facial Lotion are among the best at the top end of the budgeting scale, and are particularly good for those who are out in the elements frequently, while you can pick up plenty of good products at low cost from the likes of Boots, Superdrug and your local pharmacy.


Pink is a scary colour to many men. Thankfully that has been changing in more recent years, but still many avoid the colour. Don’t be afraid though, many brands are releasing a range of colourways that are versatile and stylish. Pink goes well with most colours and suits all skin tones too. The colour works well with navy, white, greens and more, and it’s a colour that’s great for spring and summer. It works particularly well as a tie, while shirts, sweaters and even chinos suit the colour these days. Don’t write it off, it could well be your colour.

Pink Tie


When it comes to a night on the town, it’s a pint or bust for many men. Maybe there may be the odd scotch or vodka, but a Cosmo or Espresso Martini are often not even considered. But why? A bright pink cocktail may feel a little feminine, but it’s only you that’s missing out. Especially if it’s happy hour!

Cocktails men

Showing Emotion

Of course, lastly, there’s still a huge stigma around showing emotion. Men don’t cry, but that is the most outdated opinion on the planet. It’s important to convey your emotions as bottling up can only lead to trouble. There are no benefits to not talking and not showing emotion, and talking will almost always improve moods, solve problems, and clear heads. Showing emotion isn’t “girly” it isn’t “weak”, it’s a part and parcel of life and certainly not exclusive to gender. There are many helplines for those who are struggling, so don’t hide your emotions and get the help you need if required.

Man Crying