If you ask every person in this world what they dream of possessing one day, chances are pretty high that many would name a specific car or a car company.

It’s something every middle-class family or the less fortunate ones dream about, and in many places around the world, just owning a car puts you in a completely different social class altogether.

The car will be with you through thick and thin. So, it’s only natural that you get intensely invested in your decision.

But cars are complex machines, and they have many options for every kind of person. There are also millions of variants, engines, and transmission options. So, you need to know what group exactly you fall in, and which sort of car will be your perfect choice.

So, here are 5 things you should look for in your car to make your decision easier to make:

1. Something you can afford

Always decide on a budget and try to maintain it fiercely. You shouldn’t go much above that estimate.

Don’t blindly believe those ads and the prices they show there.

Also, you need to consider extra costs like insurance, handling and other charges, registration fees, and mileage.

Before going to the dealership, calculate what you can hand out as a deposit and what amount you can afford as monthly instalments. Research about automobile loans.

Ask your credit card company if they have any special rates going on for cars. And you should always check your credit score beforehand to know whether you’ll get easy loans.

2. Driving style and type of car

You must consider your driving style and how you’ll use the car at most times. This will save you from a lot of disappointment later.

You should not expect the thrill of rushing speed and breathing fire from a basic hatchback. And if your topmost priority is the comfort in long rides and the style of it all, then an SUV will not serve the purpose. And if you like offroading, you’ll need to keep a safe distance from sedans.

After that, you’ll need to consider what fuel you’d like in your car. Of course, petrol and diesel cars are the traditional choices. However, CNG has also garnered its loyalists. And electric car companies like Tesla and Revlon are challenging every norm, and it’s the safest one environmentally, also the cheapest one to ride per k.m/mile.

3. Used or New

You shouldn’t distort your budget for buying your dream car.

That dream will crash on harsh grounds of reality when all the maintenance charges and monthly payments crush your financial backbone.

So, as a simple rule of thumb, if you can’t afford the new car with 5 years of loan credit, don’t buy it. Rather, go for used cars.

As most countries face unstable economies and the aftermath of a deadly pandemic, billions of people are choosing to buy used cars, and many are getting rid of their cars for some handy money.

Do some research. Make sure to learn about the warranty packages and return policies the companies and the dealerships offer.

You’ll find companies that have a huge collection of new and used cars for sale. Give them a shot, and you’ll find a nice ride at half of the price you’d have to hand out for a new one.

4. Look out for the best price

Don’t go blindly to the dealerships and say yes to all their add-on packages they’d try to convince you of.

Dig around the internet and ask around your social circle. ‘Best cars for family tours’ or ‘budget-friendly used cars’ are waiting for you just a few Google searches away.

You can also look at the customer reviews and the repair record of a specific car on many websites.

5. Always have a test ride

A test drive is the best option to know how much you like the car, its driving, comfort, seating, and transmission. It’s a compatibility check like no other.

You may know about a particular company or model, but a test drive is the best make-or-break you can get if you haven’t driven it before.

The value of a test drive increases exponentially if it’s a used car. You get to notice every squeak, every rattle that may drive you mad after buying it. This way, you’ll know that everything is fine.


If you already own a car and want a new one, it’s best to get a trade-in deal. Don’t get trapped in loans from the previous car when you’ve already got a new one to take care of.

And, if it’s your first car, be realistic. Don’t run up the hill and burn all your savings to get that shiny car of your dreams. Instead, consider your family and your financial situation before pulling the trigger.

Keep in mind the points above, and you’ll do alright.

You can scream “I am the highway,” too, without going bankrupt along the way.